Free sex–Part 2

Shhhhhh… I’m sneaking in on this fine Sunday afternoon to let you know one more giveaway has popped up.

I have a new release coming out Friday. I’m always generous during release week, so swing by my Goodreads giveaway for a chance to win a signed copy of Friends Without Benefits.

friends-without-benefits_finalDianna Friedman never expected her husband to leave her. Who does? But she’s making the most of what she has left–a sarcastic near-grown son and a mountain of bills that just keeps growing. She’s in over her head, but she is determined to survive.

Everyone else may have seen it coming, but Paul O’Connell was blindsided by his wife’s betrayal. Determined to prevent her from bleeding him dry during their divorce, he turns to the only person he thinks can help him—the wife of his wife’s lover.

Dianna and Paul become fast friends and maybe a tad bit over-dependent on each other, but who are they hurting? No one. At least not until Dianna’s life takes yet another unexpected twist and she and Paul have to step back and reevaluate everything…including what they mean to each other.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Friends Without Benefits by Marci Boudreaux

Friends Without Benefits

by Marci Boudreaux

Giveaway ends July 09, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Free sex!

So, once again I’m here begging for love and acceptance. No worries. I’m offering to give something in return.

Free sex! Well, kinda.

Hop on over to Goodreads to enter my contest to win a free signed copy of The Rebound. Yup, it’s an oldie but goody about…well, let’s just be blunt…sex. The Rebound is all about the sex, and I’m just giving it away.

My mother would be so ashamed.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Rebound by Emilia Mancini

The Rebound

by Emilia Mancini

Giveaway ends July 10, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

But wait! We aren’t stopping there. I’m attending a party for the upcoming Midwestern Book Lovers Unite conference. I’m giving away copies of The Rebound and my romance pen’s The Road Leads Back and my upcoming release Friends Without Benefits. There are tons of other awesome authors giving stuff away, too!!

Drop by and enter to win copies! Contests end July 4!


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Image from

Image from

It’s summer. That means sandal weather.  And if you are a slightly high maintenance female, as I am, then that means it’s also pedicure weather.

Now, I admit to getting a monthly pedicure all year round — from necessity. So, missing two months because of my manicurist’s schedule and my schedule never getting on the same page,  meant I had issues. Painful issues.

Thus, I needed an emergency pedicure appointment (yes, they do exist– in my world!). My manicurist who has taken good care of me and my digits for over 20 years did the best she could and alleviated the pain somewhat, but there are lines she will not cross. Those lines include anything that involves the words “scalpel”  and “excising and draining.”

So, today is my first visit ever to a foot-and-ankle surgeon to see what on earth is going on with my poor big toe. I am somewhat embarrassed since my big toe seems such a trivial thing to involve a very well-respected and busy orthopedic surgeon, but a scalpel and excising and draining are technically surgical terms.  Plus, I am married to a doctor, a pathologist who dealt with body parts, blood, and dead people, and he also threw in the term “sepsis.”

I do not mess with sepsis.

So, I’m going.  I expect it will be painful.  This means later I will need chocolate — lots of it — and maybe some Scotch, a double. And cuddling.

Moral of the lesson — don’t skip pedicures –ever.

Are you high maintenance? What beauty regimens or procedures can’t you live without?


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Christmas in July – Cancun Style

Christmas in July Cancun Style copy

Comment below and you are automatically entered to win GREAT prizes like Diamond Earrings, a Bag of Cancun Swag, charms, books and more.

Christmas and the beach?

In my mind they go together.

For several years my family has celebrated Christmas on the beach in Cancun, but in the USA beaches are most popular in July. So I decided that I’d combine the two and celebrate Christmas in July.

And since I’m a giving woman, I’ll be giving away several presents. There will be diamond earrings, a Bag of Cancun Beach Swag, and several lucky winners will be “charmed” by me. Some will win Christmas in Cancun and Conquered in Cancun. Be sure to Friend and Follow me on Facebook for more ways to enter over then next week. You will have several chances to win, starting here.

Christmas in Cancun

Great Beach Read!

In my Cancun series, Christmas in Cancun has little to do with the holiday. It is a modern day treasure hunt for the golden idols of Mayan Goddesses. Conquered in Cancun is about second chances for two Navy pilots.  Both books are GREAT beach reads!

Comment below telling me your favorite beach and why. You will be automatically entered to win.

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It’s time for summer reading!

As some of you may know, I work at my local library, as well as writing. It’s a great job for an author who needs a sideline and especially in the summer.

Summer means the kids are coming and it’s an exhilarating time for everyone associated with the library for that reason. Our local library runs a summer reading club for kids. As part of the club, kids set reading goals and receive prizes for accomplishing their goals. It’s a great way to keep children interested in books and feeling they’ve achieved new heights.


But it doesn’t have to be just for kids. Why not set goals for ourselves this summer? We all need a bit of down time and I’m never more at ease than when I’m curled up with a new book. When we read, it’s our time. Our preferences, our fantasies. Is there anything better than stretching out on a beach or by the pool and cracking the spine of a hot new romance? Or firing it up for the first time on our ereaders, watching it download? I love that anticipation.

What sorts of summer reads do you enjoy? Do you indulge in chick lit? Do you dabble in different genres? Do you refrain from darker, heavier reads and stick to lighter, fun fare?

Share some of your favorite summer books here!

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Eighties Rock! by Christy Gissendaner

As I work on edits for my upcoming rocker romance, set in 1985, I’d be remiss to not touch upon the greatest decade ever! True, I may have been a “young’un”, but the 80’s truly rocked. Let me share a few examples with you good people.

1. The Music

Dear Lord, the music. Karma Chameleon, Like a Prayer, Come On Eileen, and Tainted Love – just to name a few of my favorites – truly made the 1980’s a feast for the ears.

2. The Movies

Hands up if you were a fan of John Hughes’ films. Oh man, was I ever. The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and St. Elmo’s Fire fueled my imagination…and provided kick ass soundtracks.

3. The Fashion

Yes! Clothing of every color imaginable, layers upon layers, and leather everywhere. What’s not to love?

4. The Hair

Teased bangs. Yep, I was guilty. The bigger, the better. Who remembers the smell of White Rain?

5. Blue/Green/Pink Eyeliner

Thankfully I passed on this craze, but my friends looked like they had eye infections as pre-teens.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me. Be on the lookout for Flashback, a rocker romance coming soon. And as a bonus…want to see what Christy Gissendaner looked like in the 80’s? Okay….so I totally looked normal but who can forget Ronald??


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Friends, Bette, and the nosebleed section

I’m so sorry if you’re tired of my Bette Midler stories. It’s just my thing. You know sexy books, studly heroes, and tacky boob jokes mixed in with heartfelt ballads.

Just so you know, I’m not traveling this road alone. Two of my best friends are right there with me. And

Las Vegas 2009

Las Vegas 2009

We realized last night as we had dinner and drinks before yet another Bette concert, that we’ve been taking these trips together for 20 years now.

Twenty fucking years?? I suddenly feel aged.

Now not all of our trips are concert bound, but enough are that I can safely say this isn’t just my thing. This is our thing. And I love it.

Chicago, 2015

Chicago, 2015

Last night’s concert was in Chicago and my girls and I didn’t realize until we got there we were in the nosebleed section. Actually, we were one section above the nosebleeds. One of my girls is deathly afraid of heights and spent the entire concert turned in her seat, watching me, listening to the concert, and cursing me for not getting better seats.

Even so. We had a great time and there is no better way, in my mind, to celebrate all these years of friendship than doing the thing we do.

On a side note, this time, Mr. Mancini tagged along. You know you married the right guy when he’s singing ballads right along with you. His love does have its limits, however. The souvenir stand.

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