Holley’s heading back to the desert with a new series!

It’s been almost a year since the last novel in my Desert Guards series, and I’m thrilled to finally have a new story coming set in that world!
The Demigod's Legacy by Holley Trent
I’ve spun Desert Guards off into a new series called Masters of Maria, and the opening story features Tito—the Were-cougar demigod with a prominent role in Desert Guards. Take a peek!:

Six hundred years after losing his wife and son to his cousin’s deadly scheme, the demigod cougar shifter known as Tito Perez still refuses to take a mate. He couldn’t protect his family in pre-colonial Tenochtitlan where Aztec gods freely roamed, and he won’t risk endangering another in modern New Mexico.

Too bad he doesn’t know he already has one from a tender affair with a sweet bar waitress he abandoned.

After waiting five years for Tito to return to his senses, December Farmer tracks her daughter’s absentee father to the small town of Maria, New Mexico, to make him step up, but he’s not the only one in for a shock. The town is overrun with supernatural beings and, apparently, her daughter, Cruz, is one of them.

December isn’t sure she can stomach being the mate of an immortal shapeshifter, but the stakes are higher for Tito. His cousin intends, yet again, to take away the only things Tito holds dear, and this time, Tito may have no choice but to cast his precious humanity aside and become the unflinching warrior he’s never wanted to be.

The Demigod’s Legacy launches on January 23rd. You can read the first chapter here now, and pre-order the ebook, too! Get it here:

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Release Day Diamond Giveaway + 2 FREE books

dj-promo-blockI always get excited, and nervous, the day before a release. I wonder if I had done enough promotion, what additional avenues are available to reach my readers, and then there is the standard author paranoia…will they like my book?

prologue-coverDouble Jeopardy released on Tuesday, January 10. Click on the picture to BUY NOW!

The book was part of a boutique series created by Hildie McQueen based on Indulgences Resort, sort of a Panamanian fantasy island. My book was one of thirteen stories.  Click on the cover for an immediate download Indulgences the Prologue FREE.

uncaged-love-highresAs I fretted over yesterday’s release, I was also editing Uncaged Love, my mid-February release. What had started as an edit has turned into major rewrites. I find it astonishing that my writing style has changed so much in a mere three years. Although the base of the story will not change, nor the hero and heroine, characters from my Black Swan series will play a larger role, primarily in the backstory.

susan-stoker-caroline-coverRight on the heels of Uncaged Love, and directly related to that story, Rescuing Melina will released in March as part of Susan Stoker’s Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World. If you are not familiar with her two military series, you can grab Protecting Caroline for FREE by clicking the cover.

2015-10-06-09-55-28As always, a KaLyn Cooper release means diamonds! The contest for the diamond necklace continues until January 15. Please check my Facebook page for multiple ways to enter. Answer the question below for Double Entries!

>>> Would you rather travel to a Panamanian island to fulfill a fantasy, go to Cancun for an exciting vacation, or take a staycation at home? <<<

Tami Lund Talks Lightbearers and F*ree Reads

For those who don’t know, I write a series called “Lightbearer.” It’s about these people who get their magic from the sun. They must soak up a certain amount of sunlight each day in order to regenerate their magic. And if they are cut off from the sun for too long, they’ll die.

Not that I did it on purpose when I came up with the idea, but they are sort of the polar opposite of vampires. When I realized that, I made a comment in the first book of the series, Into the Light, along the lines of Lightbearers being poisonous to vampires, since sunlight sorta kinda runs in their veins.

Wait, Into the Light isn’t really the first, not anymore. After I’d written eleven books in the series, I went back and wrote a prequel. First Light takes place five hundred years ago, back when the Lightbearers first went into hiding to escape from the shapeshifters who wanted to kill them and steal their magic. It helps explain how the urban legends started (that killing a Lightbearer means you inherit their magic), and how the Lightbearers ended up living in a secret, magically protected coterie on the shore of Lake Michigan. It also sets up the possibility of Lightbearers and shifters potentially choosing to be lovers instead of enemies (which is what happens in Into the Light).

First Light is also free, and it’s part of this double boxed set chock-full of series-starting freebies. Year of the Wolf Pack, Part One and Part Two. My book is in Part Two, which will be available January 9-14. In the meantime, there are a bunch of books for you to read in Part One, which is available now (but only until January 7, so download asap). Here’s the link: https://instafreebie.com/free/sE9T7.

If you can’t wait until January 9 to read First Light, head over to my website (http://tamilund.com/free-read/) for the link. Otherwise, on January 9, you’ll be able to download the entire second boxed set.

Happy New Year and enjoy your reading!

Tami Lund Headshot 2014

Tami Lund is an author, wine drinker, and award winner. She loves happily ever afters, and she loves to share special offers with readers. Join her newsletter list for more, more, more! http://www.subscribepage.com/Tami_Lund






New Year’s Resolutions: @SSaraDaniel Don’t Make the Same Mistake as Last Year

dscn0206aNew Year’s Resolutions are little bit like the movie Groundhog Day. You just keep making the same resolutions over and over every year, hoping for a different result. Or at least that’s what would happen if I made resolutions this year. Last year around this time I listed my goals for the year. Then in July, I did a midyear check-in to let you all know how badly I was sucking at meeting them.

Now a year later, I could once again tell you about my pie-in-the-sky dreams to add hours to the day so I can become more cultured, more self-aware, more compassionate, healthier, and smarter, as well as become a better writer, mother, wife, and citizen.

img_0762But let’s face it. I’m not going to achieve a nirvana of perfection in 2017… or 2018 or 2043, for that matter. I’m just going to be me, scrambling to get in my daily word count while remembering to put food on the table and trying to figure out how the hell people can afford to put three kids through college when they don’t win (or, for that matter, play) the lottery.

I don’t have the answers, but I do know I’m going to keep plugging along at life, reaching for new opportunities, treasuring family moments, and probably losing my $h!t a few times throughout the year. (Did I mention I have three teenagers living under my roof?!)

Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions! If you’re looking for a winter stranded-together-in-a-snowstorm romance, check out Tempting Mr. Forever. Reading it can be your New Year’s Resolution!

Tempting Mr Forever-72dpi-1500x2000Tempting Mr. Forever

Love is his enemy…and her answer.

A nationally televised bombshell revealing a secret son turns marriage therapist Caleb Paden’s life upside down. While others focus on the public relations disaster for his company, he can only think of rescuing his baby and providing the stable home dictated by his marriage theories—one devoid of love and emotions.

Olivia Wells might not be the baby’s biological mother, but she loves him as much as any parent could. Letting him go will break her heart. Letting him go to a man who doesn’t believe in love will tear her apart.

As she helps Caleb bond with his child, Olivia finds herself falling for the man behind the stuffy therapist persona. However, he wants nothing to do with her love and emotions, and those are the only things she has to give. If she can’t convince him love is the answer, not the enemy, she will lose both the baby she loves and her heart.

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Special Guest Dominique Eastwick

Candied Cranberries

2 cups sugar, divided into 1½ cups and ½ cup
½ cup of water
1 (12-ounce) bag fresh cranberries
thinly sliced oranges, optional

Combine ½ cup sugar and ½ cup water in a medium saucepan over medium heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved, about 2-3 minutes. For those of you who mix your drinks this is simple syrup for those of you from the south this is the Sweet in your tea 🙂

Remove from heat. Let the cranberries/fruit soak. I have heard some people soak the berries for a couple of minutes, other a few hours. I prefer a few hours. Just stir occasionally.

Working in batches, roll cranberries in remaining sugar until well coated. Allow the berries to dry on rack for at least 1 hour.

Use how the mood fits. Give as a gift, top a cake as we did above, or put on the table for a friendly gathering as a munchy.

The Twins are Back

Sometimes one infiltrator isn’t enough. When a long lost Tao pack member is located in Europe, D and 7 accept the challenge to rescue the missing wolf. But sometimes, it takes crossing thousands of miles to find what your soul most desires.

Natalia remembers nothing of her life before being enslaved in a traveling circus. When tall, dark and mysterious strangers show up to help her escape, she feels a connection she’s never experienced before. Should she trust her heart to follow them, or will it land her in another case of captivity.

Danger may be in the blood of infiltrators, but what will D do when his soul mate is the one threatened? And how will two twins, who have shared everything, deal with a female who comes between them?

Natalia awoke alone and without a blanket to find D closing the gate.

“Sorry, they have just awoken above us. I didn’t think it would bode well for me to be there with you. At least not until we can get that blasted collar off you.”

Well-rested and colder than she had ever been after a night of warmth, she felt the chill more acutely. She also had a sense of loneliness accompanying his retreat. “Why do I desire to touch you when all other men make me want to hit them?”

“We don’t have enough time right now to go into a conversation you will have a ton of questions about, but I promise if we haven’t figured out how to get you to safety by this evening, as we sit here in this cage again, I will tell you anything you want to know.”

“And if we get out of here? What then?”

“I will sit in a safe, warm room and tell you anything you want to know.” He indicated the small brown bag beside her. “Eat quickly before they come. Don’t eat or drink anything they give you. I will return for you later.”

“Where will you be?”

“Within hearing distance.” He reached through the cage and cupped her cheek. “I will never be far, even if you can’t see me.”

“I can sense you, why?”

“Because, we are mates.” He put a finger to her lips. “No time.”

He shifted and gave her one last long glance before he left seconds before the cover was pulled off and sun flooded in. She wanted to asked what the hell he’d meant by mate? Needed to know why they seemed connected.


Award-Winning author Dominique Eastwick currently calls North Carolina home with her husband, two children, one crazy lab and one lazy cat. Dominique spent much of her early life moving from state to state as a Navy Brat. Because of that, traveling is one of her favorite pasttimes. When not writing you can find Dominique with her second love…her camera.

Learn more about Dominique Eastwick on her website, blog, and Amazon author page. Be sure to join her Newsletter for up to the minute info on new releases, contests, and more.

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A New Year’s Freebie from Holley

You know, I think I’ve very nearly extinguished my supply of witty things to say for the year. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling like it’s been tough to catch a break this year, even to just take a deep breath! So, instead of making you groan with my failing humor efforts, I’m offering up one of my New Year’s Eve-themed Den of Sin novellas as a freebie.

Hopefully, I’ll be back in January with something funny to say…or at least a good enough distraction. 😉

Menage a Troys Den of Sin Holley TrentEve and Brent Troy have been married three months and have yet to consummate their union. Faced with losing her claim to her family property, busy surgeon Eve had to marry before her thirtieth birthday. Brent was single and convenient, and more importantly, he said yes.

Now, she wants to light a flame under their cold marriage, but they’re strangers and don’t know how to connect. A New Year’s weekend at The Beaudelaire is supposed to give them the tools they need. When they arrive, they learn the tool they’ve been equipped with comes in form of Eve’s best friend and fellow doctor Remy Kelly. He knows Eve’s marriage is a sham, and is intent on claiming her for himself. But, when faced with Eve’s strapping new husband who comes onto Remy’s radar as exactly the kind of alpha male he likes, he has a battle of conscience. He wants to take Eve home, not Brent, but for some reason they seem like a package deal.

At The Beaudelaire anything goes, so instead of two people letting down their guards, three forge bonds. That’s all well and good for the weekend, but what will shake out of their tentative ménage à trois when it’s time to go home?

Claim a copy of Ménage à Troys at instaFreebie through 1/2!

2017 A Year for Love

2017-happy-nyHappy New Year! 

I’ve seen on social media where 2016 was such a horrible year for so many on a personal basis. 

It was a great year for me!

Especially career wise. I was able to publish 5 books! I met some wonderful readers at the 5 book signings I attended. I networked with some of the best romance authors. 

Looking ahead, 2017 should be even better. I have 6 books in the pipeline. Look for Double Jeopardy releasing Jan 10th, part of Hildie McQueen’s Indulgences series. current-book-banner-dec16-copyUncaged Love – book #2 in the Black Swan series coming out in February and followed soon after is Rescuing Melina – part of Susan Stoker’s Kindle World and a Guardian Elite crossover. 

I expect to have Book #3 in the Black Swan series and maybe even #4 by the end of the year 2017. I may have another surprise for Black Swan addicts. (he he)

I’ve cut back on appearances for 2017 but I WILL be at the RT convention May 2-7 in Atlanta, sponsoring a few great things…like a HUGE party on Thursday night with other Military Authors.

SpecOps, Spies & Speakeasy: Roaring 20’s Costume Party

I’ll also be at the RWA conference in July at Disney World.

Come by and see me. 🙂

And, yes, I will continue my “special prize” with each release. If you know what I give away with every release, Comment below. You might WIN something.