Holley tells you where all the men are. [Giftcard contest!]

smatherservice3dOkay, maybe just eight of them. Still, eight is a lot, especially when they’re all in one place.

Me and some friends, including our own Emilia Mancini, have a sexy novella collection releasing next week called At Her Service. Every story features a hired man. (Not in that way, although a few them kinda toe the line a little.) The economy sucks a little. Sometimes folks do what they have to to pay the bills, right?

To celebrate the launch of the collection, I’m giving away a $10 giftcard to either Amazon US or All Romance ebooks (international). To enter to win, just comment on this post answering this question:

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

This contest will remain open until midnight on 2/25. I’ll pick a random winner using Random.org’s number generator. Make sure you leave an email address I can get in touch with you at in case you’re the winner!

You can pre-order the spicy collection now. It’s 99¢ for a limited time.

Get it here:
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Men vs Women on Valentine’s Day

PechangaGreatOak-couple-dining_smWhen February rolls around, most women start to think about chocolate hearts and roses and maybe even strawberries dipped in chocolate. A nice dinner out, without kids, at a restaurant with a real tablecloth and cloth napkins where the menus that aren’t sticky, would be heaven. Add a bottle of wine to that fantasy and she’d do anything he wanted. Even that.

mardi grasMen on the other hand, according to Macho Marine, start out the month trying to find a way to finagle a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras where “they celebrate the way men should “.  I guess that means a place where testosterone skyrockets and pheromones saturate the air as mass quantities of alcohol are consumed and inhibitions are shrugged off at the city line.

lovely-red-roses-and-chocolate-heartOnce men realize that they are in a committed relationship, in love, married, or just want a guarantee to get laid, February takes on a whole new meaning. Anticipation (or substitute dread, fear, horror) builds as the days tick near the 14th. What the hell are they going to get her for that terrorizing holiday, Valentine’s Day. Some men go with the tried and true basics; heart-shaped box of candy–that Whitman’s has made $millions off of since 1842– and overpriced red roses that will die within a week.

Ladies, I suggest this year you tell men what you really want….a romance novel. Offer to even pick one out or put several on HIS Amazon Wish List, that way you’ll be surprised when it arrives. Hey, it won’t make you fat. It doesn’t die after a week. You can return and read it again whenever you want. You can even share it. :)

man n woman in bed w bookThen give him what he really wants…..

Take the book into the bedroom and slide naked between the cool crisp sheets which don’t begin to diminish the heat of your body. Look at him with love in your eyes as you hand him the book and ask, “Can we start on page 152 and try that?”

Who is with me ladies? Let me hear from you in the Comments and you’ll be entered to win the Diamond Jewelry Set shown below…

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Annette Mardis           Olivia Night                       Rachel Rivers
Jennifer Sage               Vikki Vaught                     K.R. Grace

Windy City Giveaway–by Annie Anthony

I’m super excited to  welcome a guest author to the Love, Lust, and Laptops party!  Remi Hunter is special… she is not only a recently retired Chicago police officer, but a dear, dear friend.  Her suspense novel, Windy City Heat, has enough passion to satisfy the most devoted romance reader, and enough true-crime to keep non-romance fans turning those pages.  I LOVED this book.  I love Gina and her sassy mouth; Sean and his complicated family and complex ties to Gina’s past and future; and Ray… oh, Ray. The partner who has a way with the ladies…

So you can celebrate the re-release of Windy City Heat, we’re offering one free e-book copy to a lucky winner! All you have to do is comment on this post today before 8pm PST and we will randomly select one winner.  You’ll need to provide an email address and let us know which book format you need, so make sure you check back on this page to see if you’ve been selected!

So please join me in welcoming author, friend, and (once-a, always-a) cop, Remi Hunter!!!



Tactical cop, Gina Aletti, doesn’t see a problem with bending rules to catch the bad guys. Sometimes, that’s what it takes in the endless battle against gangs, drugs and chronic crime on Chicago’s West Side. Her new boss doesn’t agree.

Fresh from a Spec Ops mission in Afghanistan, Lieutenant Sean O’Connor has zero tolerance for maverick cops. The battle lines are drawn; Gina and her new boss clash over everything, rules, regulations, and a career breaker, high-profile case.

When Gina’s informant goes missing, her search for him uncovers corruption inside the Chicago PD. Evidence surfaces that points at Gina as a dirty cop. The fight to clear her name may cost her everything…her badge…the man she loves…and her life.


Q & A with Remi Hunter

Remi, what will romance readers find in Windy City Heat? What about crime fans?

Windy City Heat, the first in the Windy City Cops series, is suspense with romance woven in. Crime fans will enjoy a peek into the real world of a plainclothes tactical cop, and romance fans will love the roller coaster romance and the HOT sex scenes.

Tell us about the challenges of writing crime stories with your background.

You’d think writing detective or suspense fiction would come easily to a cop. But the truth is the complete opposite. 

There’s a TV show that’s popular right now about a crack team of plainclothes cops. I tried watching it one day, because it was getting rave reviews. While entertaining, it was so ridiculously far fetched, it started to annoy me. But I can understand why the writer(s) threw everything but the kitchen sink into the plot. Real police work, while dangerous, is never that complex.

My biggest challenge as a cop slash writer is creating a mind-boggling mystery with lots of twists and turns. Honestly? That is not what the average cop deals with on a daily basis, especially beat cops. The John Wayne Gacy cases are far and few between. Most crimes are gang and drug related and not that mysterious. Pretty mundane stuff.

 I’ve dipped into my stash of creative liberty to pump up the adrenaline in WCH. And I’ve had a few fellow cop-friends call me out on it, too.

Tell us about your non-writing work before you retired and how that influences your stories.

I worked some of the toughest streets in the city of Chicago. I worked patrol in a blue and white, and like Gina and Sean, worked plainclothes in tactical. I taught for a few years in the police academy. My favorite assignment was in a patrol car, which is why my books all feature beat cops.

What are readers going to love about Gina?

Gina Aletti is never boring. She doesn’t always heed that inner filter that should keep her mouth shut. Sean would say she has no fear. She has a good heart, but it usually gets her into trouble. But she is endearingly naive for a big city cop, and she struggles to find a balance between being a hard-ass policewoman and … a girl. Readers will discover a bit of themselves in Gina Aletti.

What about Sean?

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard, “I fell in love with Sean O’Connor.” He’s Army special forces, a war veteran and American hero, a reformed bad boy who worked his way up the CPD ladder. He’s a gentleman, which wins Gina’s reluctant heart, but his by-the-book standards make her crazy. He will tease Gina one minute and comfort her the next. And, of course, he’s a genuine badass. I like Alpha males, so Sean is all Alpha male.

Ray Lopez, Gina’s partner, is the ying to Gina’s yang. He has a quirky sense of humor and an easy going, it’s all good in the hood, kind of attitude toward life, even the difficult stuff. He tries his best to reign Gina in, and usually fails. While Gina will get easily frazzled, Ray is as calm as a bowl of jello. Ray Lopez is based on my first partner, Ray Saragosa. I’ve tried my best to make Ray Lopez as close to the real guy as possible, lol! 

If you don’t win the giveaway, you can buy Windy City Heat here: Buy Windy City Heat

Keep in touch with Remi and the Windy City Cops series here: Facebook Remi Hunter

I Hate Being Late!

Notorious-Jianne_Carlo-200x320I’m late with this post, and I hate being late. I should have written the post and scheduled it ahead of time. My total bad. Life has a way of kicking you in the butt when you least expect it.

In an effort to make up for my tardiness, I’m going to do a giveaway. I’ll giveaway three copies of my latest releases, Manhandled, Notorious, and Carnal to three lucky commenters on this post.



Here’s a quick excerpt from Notorious:


“While I appreciate the view of your sweet little body, darlin’, you do realize that this is the men’s steam room, not the women’s?”

Naked, lying on a neon orange beach towel, eyes covered by one forearm, Jenny Su-Lin Taylor didn’t react.

At first.

As the whiskied baritone rumbled into her foggy tranquility, she jerked to a sitting position. Frantic eyes darted left, then right, and took a frenzied sweep of the mists swirling around the small chamber. A thousand Japanese Taiko drums pounded a war beat in her ears. Blood surged to the rhythm, pulsing hysterical tattoos at her wrists, throat, and temples.

She stopped breathing, moving, thinking, when eyes the color of storm clouds racing across a typhoon sky manacled her gaze.

Fantasy and reality merged.


Thor, God of Battle and Thunder, materialized through dissipating, opaque steam curls.


High, sculpted cheekbones, a square, stubborn jawline chiseled by anvils, her most erotic fantasy come to life sprawled on the marble ledge opposite. Wheat-streaked hair fired with auburn glints brushed the broadest shoulders she’d ever seen. One knee bent, the man leaned on a thick, muscled forearm, Popeye biceps bulging.

He drained the oxygen out of Su-Lin’s lungs.

Out of the room.

All about her, magic pooled.

Balmy condensation caressed her shoulders, the barest sigh of enchantment escaped her lips, and the world, no, the universe, pivoted on the mythical deity reclining before her eyes, glorious in his nudity. She’s heartbeat cavorted into loud, insistent hammering, which swelled to fever pitch. She noticed small details—the way the faint dusting of golden hairs on his torso swirled to the right, a thick forefinger stroking peach-pink marble, his taut stomach lifting and falling.

Around his neck hung a gold chain, and a dazzling pendant with intricate engravings punctuated a chest so defined, so Norse god-like, her fingers tingled with the urge to trace each ridge…

Fire licked every inch of skin, flared up her spine, and connected with her brain, igniting a frenzied desire. She scrambled for the towel. Nails scraped the moist marble—she clutched shaky fingers around soft cotton and bounded off the bench. His size dwarfed all five–feet-five inches of her too-big-for-gymnastic-competition body.

A warrior-resolute gaze examined every inch of her roasting flesh, lingered on her B-cup breasts, and his mouth pursed as he studied her. The intensity of those slate eyes had her hands trembling, her fingers fumbling to drape the towel around her chest. She muttered a Mandarin curse when her waist-length, straight-as-a-pin black hair tangled with the wet material.

“You don’t have to leave, darlin’. We can always lock the door.”

Propped on an elbow, the man angled forward, full lips curling at the corners.

“I’m at your service, darlin’, whatever milady wishes.”

Her subconscious noted the slight hint of Irish brogue. Seconds later, his words registered, but their meaning took longer to comprehend.

She couldn’t manage anything more than a panted “Oh.”

The Pause button that had suspended her brain functions thus far clicked off. Fast-forward took over, and she twirled around, intent on escape.

“I like the view from behind too, darlin’. That’s one fine backside.” He ended his pronouncement with a chuckle, which made her skin smolder even more.


Have a Marvelous Monday!



P.S. Remember to list your email address in the comment, please.

P.P.S. I’ll announce the winners on Valentine’s Day, here, on my blog http://www.jiannecarlo.com, Facebook, and Twitter.

Is there a Realtor in the House?

I consider myself a relatively intelligent person. I passed Organic Chemistry for goodness sakes! But recently, I learned that despite watching HGTV home shows, I know absolutely nothing about buying a house.

I’m lucky my grandfather bought me home when I was in college. It’s served me well for a few years now, but with three sons, a nephew, and a dog, 1200 square feet isn’t enough space. So for a year or so now, the hubby and I have spoken about our dream home…or at least something with enough space to grow into…and beginning looking at listings to get a feel for what we wanted.

First off, you should know the hubby and I have different tastes. I actually enjoy cozy, smaller spaces, but with an open floor plan. The hubby would be happier with four walls and a roof with no rooms at all. (Not happening.) Neither am I turning a pole barn into a home. (Side eye at hubby.) Both of us grew up in manufactured homes, so my tastes veer toward those. I like modern. Hubby likes antique. But then the craziest thing happened….we finally agreed on something!

So…cue drumroll…we find a home built in the 1920’s with 3000 square feet, extremely close to my work, in an upscale area, that needs only a few, minor repairs to be perfect for us. There’s a potential to be modern, but with Southern charm. Great, right? Even better is the fact we saw this house last fall, fell in love with it, only to have a sale pending sign out front the next time we drove by. Lo and behold, it ended back on the market for $35,000 less a few days ago.

A sign? We thought so. So last weekend, we called up the listing agent and set up an appointment. The home was dated, to be sure, but the bare bones of this structure and the fact that it’s priced well below most homes in our area made it too good to be true.

Here’s where my first mistake came in. I had NO CLUE that you typically don’t ask a listing agent to show you a house. Say what?? Then why is their number on the sign? Honestly. Can someone explain this to me? I stumbled upon this tidbit while Googling. Cringeworthy moment, right? So now I’ve put myself in a single agent transaction, which apparently puts the buyer at a disadvantage of being unable to haggle prices with a realtor. I can work with this. We’re a small town, and this house has been on the market since June, and we’re happy with the asking price. If the agent and seller are okay with us using the same, I am.

But now this means, the hubby and I will have to haggle for the price on our own. The agent’s fiduciary responsibility is to the seller, which I understand, so I wouldn’t want a conflict of interest. My current plan is to email the listing agent, explain my lack of understanding, and ask if she would like me to go through another agent. It’s up to her. I can work either way. I already have my idea of asking prices anyway, and I plan to ask my cousin or friends for copies of their contracts so I can get an idea of what’s “normal”.

Next up…funding. I can’t shell out $100k on my own, so I called up my cousin who is a loan officer for a bank, but since her institution doesn’t deal with FHA loans, she can’t give us much help in the area. We then started searching online. Words like escrows and appraisals and closings have my head spinning. We move on to a mortgage company in a neighboring city, who approved us for a loan $30k over the asking price of the house. Good, right? Well now we have self-employment incomes to verify, taxes to gather, the list goes on and on and on….I’m terrified the pre-approval will fall through after we spend time and money getting to the point of real approval.

Next up, upfront money. How much do I need? What’s the max I’ll have to pay? Down payments terms I understand, but what happens when, who pays what, makes absolutely no sense to me. Can someone tell me how in the heck first time homeowners make it through this?? Maybe I’m just a worrywart, but I’m frightened out of my wits that something will happen that I can’t afford, or we’ll do something wrong, or we’ll miss something during inspections. (Which…guess what?….apparently inspections aren’t required! HUH?? Nope, just an appraisal. HGTV freaking LIED to me. Appraisals we have to pay for at $500 a pop, apparently.)

The other thing, besides my anxiety, is timing. I wanted to wait another 6-18 months to buy a home. Stars will align and financially we’d be in a much better position during that time period. But we don’t want to miss a chance on getting a home that has the potential to be a gem! I’ve already picked out paint colors and designed flooring concepts. (Flooring is one of the repairs we must do.)Good thing is I’m married to a woodworker/cabinet maker. The hubby is chomping at the bit to make an offer, while I’m trying to convince him there’s a potential the home may still be available in a couple months. After all, there is the down payment and closing costs to consider.

I need a primer on this, I really do. Anyone experience the same thing? I’ve learned Google isn’t helpful on the topic of mortgages at all. Everything I’ve learned about FHA seems to be the opposite of what I’m reading…even at the FHA website. The good news, though, is hopefully within the next 2 years, we’ll be proud homeowners!

Lightbearers For All!~by Tami Lund

It’s been a pretty crazy start to the new year, in so far as my writing is concerned. The writing itself has been sporadic, a few thousand words here and there, partially due to time constraints and partially because I can’t seem to settle down and focus on one book. Truthfully, though, the latter is probably a result of the former. And my personality. I admit, I’m easily distracted. I tend to use the hashtag #pinterestiscrack whenever I venture over to that fine example of social media, because I can literally get lost for hours. But then again, there is some seriously amazing inspiration over there… Wait, I digress.

So yeah, the New Year and my writing. Here’s why it’s been crazy—in a good way: Because I have a book–First Light–doing really well on Amazon right now. It’s free (for a limited time), so yeah, you would think that’s why. But I’ve listed my books for free on Amazon before and never, ever with such amazing results. As I type this post, it’s hovering around 200 on the “Free Best Seller” list (which, on a side note, always makes me laugh. Every time. “Free Best Seller”? Could there be a more accurate example of an oxymoron??)

It seems people are noticing this book. That’s super exciting to me because it’s the start of a paranormal series that’s one of my favorites of everything I’ve written. (Don’t tell my other books.) I love the characters, I love the world I’ve built, I love the setup for more and more and more. If you’ve read this series, whatever you think is going to happen, you’re probably way off base—but that’s good. That makes it more exciting—right??

For those who haven’t read the series, I encourage you to start now, before the free promotion ends (although, when it does, the prequel will only be 99 cents, which is still a deal for starting a series with four books already published and ready to read). First Light is available pretty much everywhere, but here’s the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/First-Light-Lightbearer-Tami-Lund-ebook/dp/B018N6RWRG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1454161160&sr=8-1&keywords=tami+lund

Lovely Woman Posing With a Wolf

First Light takes place in 1512, in Mesoamerica, which is modern day central Mexico. Lightbearers have magic, and shapeshifters believe they can steal said magic if they kill the Lightbearers. Consequently, the two species are mortal enemies.

When Sabine, an errant Lightbearer who hasn’t yet found her magical niche, comes across a shifter and decides she isn’t ready to die, she manages to conjure a sword out of thin air. The shifter, Xander, is impressed despite himself and instead of killing her, he runs away. When Sabine returns safely to the Lightbearer’s coterie to tell her tale, she has to face the king, James, who isn’t nearly as upset with her as she expected, if you know what I mean (cue cheesy porn music—not that the book is pornographic, but whenever someone is trying to hint at a bit of sexual tension, that cheesy porn music always seems to play in the back of my head).

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop

Into the Light picks up 500 years later, and starts the rest of the series. It takes place in modern times, in the Lightbearer’s magical hidden coterie, which has been moved to western Michigan, on the shore of Lake Michigan. The Lightbearers have been living in peace these past 500 years, tucked away from the shifters, going about their private, quiet existence—until their princess decides to sneak out of the coterie for a little fun in Vegas. Except she bumps into a few shapeshifters, and they end up capturing her and taking her to their pack master, who believes those old tales about killing Lightbearers to gain their magic. That’s when the pack master’s estranged son, Tanner, steps in and rescues Olivia, the Lightbearer princess. He vows to return her safely to her coterie, but of course sparks of the forbidden kind fly, and by the time they arrive and he’s supposed to deposit her with her parents, the king and queen, the last thing he wants to do is give her up. But there’s a twist he didn’t see coming, and he might have to give her up anyway…

Dawning of Light CoverThe next book in the series is Dawning of Light. This one focuses on Finn, a shifter Tanner has brought with him to the coterie, and Cecilia, Princess Olivia’s cousin. Cecilia doesn’t like to follow the rules, and she’s forever putting herself into potentially dangerous situations as a result. Finn gets assigned to essentially be her bodyguard, which leads to all sorts of funny, sexual tension moments between these two, neither of whom wants to admit they like the other. Oh, and by the way, Cecilia really is in danger, and the threat comes from the last place you would imagine.


LightBeyondDarkness_CoverLight Beyond the Darkness is the next book in the series. This one takes us to Chicago, where Lightbearer Carley, once the king’s favorite chef, is hiding out amongst the humans. Turns out, her mate was abusing her, and she couldn’t take it anymore, so she ran away. She thought she was safe, living as a human, cooking at one of Chicago’s top restaurants, and probably, she would have been, had a shifter named Reid not stopped at her restaurant to have the best steak of his life. Reid, unlike most shifters, isn’t living in a pack, and he has plenty of skeletons and issues of his own. In typical obsessive shifter style, Reid decides he wants Carley, and sets about courting her until she can’t resist sampling what he’s offering. Life’s pretty fantastic until Reid finds out his brother, Finn, lives in the coterie from which Carley ran away. Now, he wants to go back, to reconnect with his brother, and Carley’s in a tough spot because she hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about the fact that she’s mated to someone else.

changeinthelightChange in the Light is the most recent installment of the Lightbearer series, and this one takes us out of the coterie, to the Detroit shifter pack, where pack master Josh is trying to keep his pack together after his parents’ unexpected death. When he meets Rachel, he’s immediately smitten. Problem is, she’s human, so therefore should be untouchable, but Josh can’t resist her charms, and they fall into a steamy affair that he has no intention of ending. Except for two things: one, Rachel’s using him—she was forced to seduce him in exchange for her own life, and even though she’s now falling for him, she can’t figure out a way out of the situation; and two, shapeshifters and humans aren’t supposed to be together. Humans aren’t supposed to know about the magical world in which shifters live. Looks like they’re both lying to each other—and themselves.

Now, while you work on reading those books, I’ll work on shoring up the next installment, which, by the way, introduces a brand new magical being. Yeah, it just keeps getting better!

Tami Lund Headshot 2014

Tami Lund is an author, wine drinker, and lover of romance. She’s writing happily ever afters, one book at a time. Stalk her website, if you wanna know more: TAMI LUND.

Sara Daniel’s Top 10 Reasons to Take a Vacation at the Wiccan Haus

Wiccan Haus Logo Decadent 2The Wiccan Haus is a magical paranormal world. The series was created by Dominique Eastwick, and books within the series are written by multiple authors, including yours truly. Here are the top 10 reasons you should take your next vacation at the Wiccan Haus (or at least start reading the Wiccan Haus series):

  1. It’s a healing spa for every ailment: Take a bullet to the knee? We’ll fix you up. Lose your memory? We’ll help you recover it. Got issues with your family? We’ll help you deal with your emotional difficulties. People think you’re going crazy? We don’t, and we’ll help you unravel the truth.
  1. No electronics: Time to unplug! Your cellphone won’t work. You won’t get barraged with social media updates from people venting about their awful lives or bragging about their nauseatingly perfect lives. Even better, your boss can’t contact you about that office “emergency” no one else wants to tackle.
  1. You get a whole week to relax. One ferry boat a week takes guests to and from the island. You won’t be leaving early or pretending a weekend getaway is all the vacation you need. You’ll have a whole week to truly relax.
  1. No crowds! No lines! That ferry boat only takes 12 guests per week, with another 12 arriving through a magical portal from the paranormal world. That’s it, just 24 guests getting some very personalized attention.
  1. The Wiccan Haus is magical. Yeah, the brochure might say the island is off the coast of Maine, but you’re not going to find it on your own. I’m guessing it’s part of a paranormal world, but they’re not confirming or denying my suspicions.
  1. The owners get involved in helping you make most of your stay. Talk about personalized attention. At least one of the four siblings who run the resort will help you make the most of your stay—maybe all four of them. Now that’s service!
  1. They have yoga, meditation and other classes that you always meant to try but never quite got around to. Admit it: You know that practicing deep breathing would be good for your blood pressure and probably your scattered brain too, but you never have time to actually do it, just like you never had time to try the King Pigeon or Camel yoga poses that the too-perky barista at the coffee shop swears by. Now you can.
  1. They have exotic plants that scientifically shouldn’t exist. The orchard has apple tree with blossoms, unripe fruit, and ripe, ready-to-eat fruit all on the same tree. All at once. All the time. And you can help yourself to an apple straight from the tree. Simply paradise.
  1. You could meet someone with paranormal abilities. Those guests who came through the magical portal might be shifters, vampires, psychics, truth-finders, lamias, or something else you’ve never heard of. They’re coming to the Wiccan Haus to heal and relax just like you, and you’ll see them when you all gather together in the dining room for dinner.
  1. Another guest might end up being the love of your life. Maybe the person is a paranormal, or maybe he/she a human, but every story from the Wiccan Haus ends with true love and a happily-ever-after. It truly is magical!

all 3 from Dominique

A Man Worth Fighting For He has nothing left to offer. She’s determined to show him how much he’s worth.

Psychic Lies  What if you could read minds during sex? What if the government wanted to exploit you for your ability?

A Bride Worth Fighting For If she remembers the past, they won’t have a future.