Hello from a snowy UK

Hi all!  I’m Cherie Nicholls *waves* and at the moment I am looking out at a snowy UK scene. I write paranormal erotic / contemporary books and I always have a comic element in there. I mean what’s life without laughter right??

I love a shifter, be it a wolf, tiger, bear… I have even considered squirrel but only for a second. There is nothing like an alpha male with an animatistic nature.

I also have a secret..shhh don’t tell……but I love thimbles….honestly I have about 200…yeah I know…..worrying right? But I won’t tell the others ladies of the Love, Lust and Laptops if you don’t!

This is our first week and I’m just a wee bit excited to be in the company of such great writers! You know this is going to be some kinda fun right!!  *excited squeal* So come back frequently to see what’s going on…..you never know what you’ll stumble upon!

I usually sign of with a little bit of advise on my personal blog, so I thought I’d try that here too.

Remeber: Hiding all your Dom/me’s spanking paddles won’t stop them but will make them become very inventive….don’t say I did warn you!

Until next time….

You can find Cherie here:




Personal Blog



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