Monette Michaels — Here and Loving It!

Yes, I’m HERE. 🙂

When the gals asked me to play with them in their new sandbox, I was thrilled; so, yes, I am LOVING IT!

These nine gals are all class acts, and they can also write romance. What more could you ask for?

Okay, so who am I really?

I live in Central Indiana with my pathologist husband, my son who is still in college and going for a third Bachelor’s Degree, and our cat Pidge.

I’m a former attorney who hung up her litigator shoes and packed away most of her boring, courtroom navy and black suits to become a mediator and arbitrator back in 1991. Finding I had more time on my hands and adding to that the fact I had these characters in my head telling me I had to tell their stories and share them with the world, I began putting some of those ideas into my computer in the mid-1990s.

But ideas are not finished novels, are they?

My deus ex machina, the outside force that influenced me to make the jump from a bunch of plot ideas and character descriptions to a full novel, turned out to be my manicurist. Yes, my manicurist. I spent an hour of quality time every week with her (still do but with gels it’s now twice a month) and so I told her about this story in my head. Finally, after weeks and weeks of telling her tidbits about one novel (turned out to be Vested Interests), she put her file down and told me to “Just write the damn book!”

So, I did. 🙂

Every week I would take in one typed chapter and read it out loud as she made my nails beautiful.  Then it happened, as it always does with writers, I had a span of two to three weeks where I did not take a chapter.  By the fourth week, she was not having any of that.  She told me I had to bring another chapter or no manicure.  Yes, harsh, but it was the kick in the pants I needed.  I finished that first book (not my first published, btw) all because of my manicurist.  Her name is Robin and I love her, because if not for her encouragement and her love of my stories, I would not be here today.

Okay, so you now know what my background is and how I got started in writing romance novels, but you are probably wondering what subgenre of romance I write.  I write several romance subgenres under two pen names:

  • Monette Michaels writes romantic suspense, paranormal romance, scifi romance.  These books all have alpha males, strong women who love them, and action-adventure plots. The heat level would be sensually sexy and sometimes the bedding doesn’t happen until after fifty percent of the way through the book. I like to build tension.
  • Rae Morgan writes paranormal romance for the most part and they are a tad bit sexier than Monette’s books.  These are spicy sensual and sex scenes happen earlier and are more frequent and sometimes have a little bit of kink.

So, that is all about me. If you want to see what I write, both my Monette and Rae books can be found at my website.
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9 thoughts on “Monette Michaels — Here and Loving It!

  1. Great! Now I know how it all started for you. I’m also grateful to your manicurist because she got the ball rolling for the SSI alpha males 😉


  2. Love Vested Interest! I’m so glad that you were pushed *cough* encouraged to continue and finish it. Of course I love pretty much everything you write under both names 😀 but especially the two current series – SSI and Prime!


  3. Monette- that is the best “journey into writing” story I’ve ever heard! God bless your manicurist! Congrats on all your success!


  4. Well, Robin, my manicurist, is a very special person in my life. She is amazing. Hmm, maybe she needs an SSI guy in her life — in a fictional life, that is. Knowing her, she’d love it. She is also one of my biggest fans and encourages me every time I see her.


  5. Nice to meet you, Monette! I bet Robin was very happy when you finished it. 🙂
    Congrats and I will be checking out some of your stories. PNR happens to be my favorite genre. 😉


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