Welcome from Lynn Lorenz

I’m so happy to be here, blogging about stuff. I say stuff, cuz I’m not sure what my blogs will focus on. One month it might be my new book, the next it might be about the craft of writing, and another it might be balancing my “real” life with “writing” life.

I’d like to introduce myself…been writing since junior high, was an English major for a while in college, and picked up writing again in 2005 or so. I published my first book – The Mercenary’s Tale (a gay medieval romance) – with Loose Id, in 2008 and haven’t looked back. I’ve published almost 35 books since then, and most of them are gay romance.

Many new-to-me readers ask, “I haven’t read any of your books before, where should I start?” That’s a trick question. I have many series, so check my website, http://www.lynnlorenz.com to see the series order, and tons of stand alone books. And it also depends on the genre you love to read. Historical? Paranormal? Contemporary? Got all those and a mix of them too.

What I’d tell you is these are the books I’m most proud of (I love all my books, but these hold special places in my heart) –  in no particular order, by the way.

David’s Dilemma – from Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure – about a man dealing with his homophobic father’s Alzheimer’s and the impossibility of a new romance.  I wrote this book when my father was just starting to show signs of the disease himself. It’s dedicated to him, unfortunately he died before it came out.

Edward Unconditionally – from Loose Id – the 3rd book in the Common Powers series. (No, you don’t have  to read the others first) This is the story of a young man who’s squandered his gifts, talents, and himself in a fast life but whose inner strength is put to the test when he has to use his powers in a way he never dreamed of. A character and a book like this, I think, it’s one of those one-in-a-lifetimes thing.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – from Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure – a novella set in New Orleans, a year after Hurricane Katrina, when the city is still in shambles and everyone is just struggling to survive, and the two young men who are caught up in the damage. It’s part of my Hearts of New Orleans series and is a stand alone book.

The Mercenary’s Tale – from Loose Id – a gay medieval romance in the In The Company of Men series.  In this awakening story, Drake, a mercenary, tells the story of his life, of first love, loss and second chances. This was my first published book and I’m so proud of it and the story it tells about making your own family.

No matter which book you pick (and I hope you do) to introduce my writing, I hope you enjoy the characters and their story.  And I hope you’ll follow this blog to hear about all the wonderful writers here. And I also hope you’ll let me know what you think about my books. I love hearing from readers, no matter what, good or bad, so you can post comments here or email meLynn Lorenz at lynnlorenz@live.com.

5 thoughts on “Welcome from Lynn Lorenz

  1. Aww, my Big Momma has had dementia for about 20 years now, so while it’s not quite Alzhiemer’s I can understand the toll it can take. So sorry about your dad!


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