Becca Jameson

Greetings! I’m Becca Jameson. I’m so excited to join this great group of women and share this blog. We’re going to have some fun times hanging around on here!

Who am I? Hmmm… I wonder that myself most days. I haven’t decided what I want to be when I grow up. (Yeah, I’m way way past grown up, but who’s checking IDs?) However, writing is proving to be awfully fun. I just might stick with this choice!

Born in the Midwest, I’ve lived in the southwest, Texas, and now the southeast. I’ll never make a very good southerner. I doubt I’ll ever get the hang of ordering my tea “unsweet”, but I’m doing my best to fit in! I have two teenage kids and a husband who puts up with my crazy hours of writing.

I’ve been an editor for several years and only started writing a few years ago. The journey has been wonderful so far. I have had several releases with Liquid Silver Books, a few with Ellora’s Cave, and my first with Samhain comes out next spring.

Shifters and menage have been my best books so far, and my favorite. My Wolf Masters series has made life very interesting, starting with Kara’s Wolves and turning into five books. All are finally written. Yay!

My next release will be the third in the Wolf Masters series, Jessica’s Wolves, which comes out 12/24, Christmas Eve!

Can’t wait to see where this blogging journey takes us. Stay tuned for more fun!


7 thoughts on “Becca Jameson

  1. I lived in Houston for seven years. I hated missing all the Midwestern seasons. Now that I’m back in the Midwest, I miss the beach and the warm winters. Haha! I’m only ever content with my living arrangements for the first three to five years, then I’m ready to move again!


  2. Lillian, imagine my surprise when I linked her email addy with this blog to my editor’s email for my Christy book. I was like…wait? What? It was quite a funny convo between us!


  3. I totally get the tea thing. Give it to me straight! No lemon, no sugar. I mean, come on! Tea should taste like tea! It’s a yankee thing. Around my house, if it doesn’t have a pound of sugar in it, my family won’t touch it. Ick. LOL!


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