Hi, I’m Vanessa

So, this is my inaugural LL&L post, and I’m supposed to introduce myself. I am a writer, a reader, a lover of words naughty and nice. I live in the South with my family: a handsome husband, not quite-civilized twin boys, and an English Mastiff named Hank. When not reading or writing, you’re likely to find me taking photographs or running as if I were being chased. I occasionally pick up a pair of knitting needles and make something pretty with them. I’m a snarky optimist, and it shows in my writing.

I write contemporary, paranormal, and science fiction romances. In other words, I’m a genre-bending, genre-hopping word addict who can’t be convinced to color in the lines.

My first book, Two in Winter, was published by Liquid Silver Books in July of 2012. I’m also the author of the Ushers series from Musa Publishing, and a contributor to the Wiccan Haus series.

My latest release, which debuted on Monday, is Fight or Flight, a science fiction courtroom drama from Liquid Silver Books, the story of a woman on trial for murdering her no-good abusive husband, and the man tasked with prosecuting her. You can find Fight or Flight at http://lsbooks.com

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Vanessa

  1. Where’s the pics of Hank? You know I haunt your FB and I don’t remember seeing a pic of him….wait maybe I did. I like doggies, can you tell?


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