Parker Kincade

Hi y’all! I want to start by saying thank you to Lillian Grant for putting this group together, and for inviting me to be a part of it. I’m honored to be included in this group of talented and amazing women.

Okay, introductions are in order. I’m Parker Kincade. I was born in the north, did a short stint of childhood on the east coast, and then grew up in the Wild West. And, just so it didn’t feel left out, I currently reside in the Deep South.

I live with my husband and our ridiculously handsome boxer, Titus, who rescued us just over a year ago. We have grown kids who live close and visit often. I love to read, write, and play golf. I adore old musicals. I’m an ice cream fanatic. I prefer bare feet to shoes and garden gnomes creep me out.

Oh. And I love the “f” word. You’ve been warned. 🙂

I write what I love to read. Hot, sexy romances with even hotter alpha men. My current release, One Night Stand, is a contemporary erotic romance published with Liquid Silver Books.

I’ll be here all day today, and every other Thursday until they tell me to stop. We’ve got some great guests coming…check back often so you don’t miss anything. In fact, you’d better just follow us. Wouldn’t want you to miss the good stuff.

And oh, it’s gonna be so good…

Until next time…(when I’m sure to blog about something naughty)…happy reading!


Where you can find me:



One Night Stand

12 thoughts on “Parker Kincade

    • Maybe I’ll do my next post on all the ways you can alter the “f” word to make it fit in any situation. Of course, at some point, I’ll stop using the quotes and letter and just bust it out. LOL!


  1. It must be something with us romance/erotic romance authors…I love the f bomb! LOL. You know I love your work, Parker, and look forward to your hot new books!


    • LOL! It does come in handy when we write, doesn’t it? I adore you and your yummy books, Rosanna! Can’t wait for January when your next book releases!


  2. So ummm…tonight I saw a shooting star and it was huge so I exclaim “Is that a f-ing shooting star?” Yep, as you can imagine, my 4 yr old echoed it. (shrugs) I’ve always claimed who has the right to say what word is “bad” or not? Great post, Parker!


  3. Hey, Parker — Just catching up. Want to say I loved, LOVED, One Night Stand. And the “f” word, I’m there. I picked it up in college — bunch of foul-mouthed engineering students taught me. Of course, I was one of the few women in the engineering Physics and Calculus classes, so they didn’t edit their language around me. I adapted. I was a good girl before that point in time. LOL


    • Thank you. Monette! That means so much to me that you enjoyed One Night Stand! And I love that all the LL&L ladies are on board with the “f” word. Cause I’m sure to drop it at least once. Or twice. Or…well. You get the idea! 🙂


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