Last, but not least…a big hello from Robin!

Hi, everyone! I’m Robin Danner, author and lover of historical romance, and I’m so excited to be a part of Love, Lust and Laptops. Here’s a bit about me…

I live in Alabama with my husband and three little boys. I also hold down a day job, so “free” and “time” are two words I usually don’t use in the same sentence. Besides writing sweet and sexy historicals, I’m also addicted to karaoke, cream cheese brownies, and reality television. Thank goodness for DVR else I would never be able to keep up!

My current project is The Princes series, which can be found at The Princes Bound and The Princes Determined are now available. If you have a taste for a bit of danger and suspense, along with a pair of sexy princes, then this series is for you. The third book, The Princes Knighted, is coming in January and is quite possibly my most romantic work so far!

Today actually marks the release of my first ever foray into the world of fairies. Stroke of Midnight, a sexy paranormal short, released today at Etopia Press. Besides all of this, I also write contemporary and paranormal romance as Christy Gissendaner. As you can see, I keep my fingers in lots of little jars.

To find out more about me and my books, come visit me at

Happy Friday, ya’ll!!




9 thoughts on “Last, but not least…a big hello from Robin!

  1. Thanks, ladies! I’m a fan of the covers too. I gaze at them routinely…carry them around as a pic in my phone to show off to random strangers. LOL!


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