Fantasy Christmas

I have no idea what happened. I am usually so organised and on top of Christmas, but this year it has taken me by surprise.

Now I wish I had planned ahead. Maybe my squeals of excitement at getting a Christmas Eve release date for Hot Male were a little over the top. I have marketing to do. Blogging. Interviews. And what about Christmas shopping in amongst all this madness?

For the first time ever I get to be alone with my man. The kids have left home, and being boys they’re expected to spend the special day with their special ladies’ families. Keeping this in mind when thinking about gift shopping I decided to use some lateral thinking to make the day a lot more fun than usual.

Unfortunately the sex shop my husband used to visit so often he got frequent shopping points has shut down, although funnily enough the Russian massage parlor next door offering a free mail order bride with every chocolate massage is still going, anyway, I decided to let my fingers do the walking.

Netbook angled so hubby couldn’t see, I started to search the net for some gifts we can share. He is desperate to see what I’m doing and I tell him I’m looking online for Christmas presents for him. His response, “If you buy me a butt plug can you get a new one. I don’t want second hand.” And yet he accuses me of being kinky because I write erotic romance. I think my naughty alter ego is finally getting to him.

Now the gifts are ordered I can sit back relax and wait to play secret Santa. This could be the best Christmas ever, unless one of my kids change their minds and show up. In which case it could be the most embarrassing Christmas ever. Maybe I should get the spare sets of house keys off them.

Have a fun holiday everyone. I know I will 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fantasy Christmas

  1. I am soooo jealous. I need an empty nest. With a young adult son still living at home, spontaneity and noisy sex toys are not a going thing in this household. Maybe some day. Have a fun and pleasurable holiday, Lillian.


  2. Thanks ladies. He may just surprise you Robin. I never hearing those words from my husband either 🙂 Needless to say his gift has nothing to do with his cute and sexy butt!


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