Happy Holidays?

With the holidays just a few short days away, I have decided this year to simply sit back, hold my breath, and see what unfolds.

See, this year my mother-in-law and her husband, who usually come for the holidays, decided they didn’t want to drive several hundred miles to get here, so when my mom complained it had been years since she’d spent Christmas with any of her grandchildren, I invited her to spend it with us.

She agreed and booked train tickets for her and her spousal equivalent (they’ve been dating for twenty years but don’t live together and have decided they never will—one of them must have funky-ass morning breath). They arrive tomorrow.

Now, because several months ago my oldest daughter forgot to let one of the dogs out one morning before we all headed out for the day and the dog repaid her by peeing on her bed, we no longer have an extra bed. So with the impending company, my husband and I hauled the futon up from the basement, defunkified it (that’s a technical term), and set it up in the guest room.  We thought we had all our shit together.

Until two days ago when my mother-in-law said it they changed their minds and will be here on Sunday. Oh. Well. Okay, then. No problem. My eldest can camp out in my youngest’s room, one set of parental units in the guest room on the futon and another set on what used to be the guest bed but is now the eldest’s bed.

Problems solved.

Until yesterday when my niece, who is driving from up north to down south to spend the holiday with her mother, sent me a note asking me to keep an eye on the weather because we are now supposed to get snow (actually a blizzard) when she is driving through this area today.

Well, I can’t let my sweet baby niece drive in a blizzard and she can’t possibly spend Christmas without family. So, I told her to head this way and once the weather lets up she can head over the river and through the woods to her mama’s house Friday after the snow is cleared.

Seems logical enough. Worst case scenario she sleeps on the couch and spends the holiday with a crazy mix of grandparents.  Alas, she opted to wait it out up north and see what the weatherman brings.

Eve so, in a few short days we went from just the four of us to having six adults, two children, four dogs (three mine, one the in-law’s), and a cat in my four bedroom house for the holidays.

Before anyone gets here and the weather sets in, I’m headed out to buy extra food, a few more pillows and blankets, and lots of liquor to get us through! It will be crowded, loud, and crazy.

Just like every other day with mi familia.

Hope you all have a great, crazy, family filled holiday!


P.S. If you are reading this, we survived yet another end of the world as we know it threat. In your face, Mayans!

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