Merry Christmas!

Oh my! It’s Christmas morning already? Where did the year go? I need to breathe! I’ve been editing and writing non-stop this entire year, and I’ve proclaimed the next two weeks to be “vacation” for me! It’s rare. Writers and editors, we don’t take time off. Something is always on our desk, waiting in our in boxes, demanding our attention. Even if we aren’t sitting at a computer plugging away, those voices in our heads take over and insist on being “heard”.

I chuckle when I read Lynn’s post for yesterday. She has a book coming out today and I had one come out yesterday! You would think we could have coordinated that better. 🙂 In any case, the third book in my Wolf Masters series, Jessica’s Wolves, made its debut yesterday. That series has been the most exciting project I’ve worked on. The fourth in the series, Alyssa’s Wolves, is done and headed to edits. It should be released in April.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning ripping through paper, laughing with family, nibbling on tasty Christmas goodies, and just enjoying the company of loved ones. When all the wrapping paper is cleared and the dishes done, I’m looking forward to a deep breath and a long winter nap! Maybe I will get lucky and manage to keep the voices at bay for several days, rest the brain, so to speak. I hope everyone else can take some time to rejuvenate and regroup with me!

Have a wonderful holiday, whatever your religious affiliation may be, and I’ll catch all of you in the new year!

Becca Jameson


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Becca– Have a very nice writing vacation. You have a lot to be proud of since both your wolfie books are nominees for a CAPA award at The Romance Studio. I’m sure the New Year will bring more of them same. — Moni

    P.S. Get ready — cause in your editor hat, I want you for the next SSI book. We did so well on the last one. 🙂 So, rest up, girl friend.


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