Goodbye 2012 it was nice knowing you

vbsd0213_ntscWhen the clock ticks over at midnight it will be the third new year I have celebrated as a published author.

For the first two years I was clueless. I moved from publisher to publisher trying to find a writing home, and from genre to genre to find out what fit. I considered chasing the market and even quitting altogether. Sales numbers were not good. Everything felt like shoveling shit uphill.

However, 2012 changed everything.  Sales are still not where I want them but I finally embraced who I am. Romantic comedy is my thing. Dark angst, drama, horror, none of it works for me. Even if I try to write them my characters start cracking jokes. I have no desire to apologise for writing about sex. Erotic romance floats my boat if people don’t like it that’s not my problem. I am what I am. I write what I love and I rejoice in it.

Marketing is not the scary beast I once thought it was. I do what I can and don’t sweat over the things I can’t.

I realised other authors are not me. Someone else’s success is not the guide I should use to measure my own performance. Nathan Bransford once blogged about how writers never celebrate success. They dream of publication but when they get there it’s not enough, now they want to make a best sellers list, or sell like someone else. We are great at turning our successes into failures.

Now I have found my genre and Liquid Silver Books, a publisher who loves what I write, I plan to sit back and take time to smell the roses, enjoy what I have achieved already before worrying about what I still want to achieve.

Writing is a journey not a destination. I hope my travels along the path in 2013, the people I meet, the places I visit, are as wonderful as those on my journey in 2012.

Happy New Year

6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012 it was nice knowing you

  1. I think you’ve done great, Lillian, and I aspire to your success! And you’re right…smell those roses! Happy new year and thanks for everything.


  2. Excellent post, Lillian. As a writer I’m not sure we ever reach the destination, because there are always new worlds and characters to write about. The key is to enjoy what you do. And if other people turn out to enjoy what you do also, then that is the cherry on top. Happy New Year.


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