Happy New Year! Here’s to new beginnings!

Hello everyone and allow me to wish you all a very happy, prosperous new year!

What does the new year mean to you? For me, it means yet another year in which I promise not to eat junk food. Chips, Nutella, peanut butter cup ice cream, all of it. I’m telling you right now I will fail at that in a spectacular fashion. Might as well get that over with!

For me, this new year also means one new book…so far. Jan 7 is the release date of my newest paranormal romance Sunburn, and I couldn’t be more excited. Sunburn marks the continuation of my Greek god romances, this time with the dashing Apollo and a Rubenesque travel blogger named Patience. (Between you and I, Patience has no patience!)

My latest release! Available Jan 7!

So, if you are buried under drifts of snow, or could just use a change of scenery this year, let me whisk you away to sunny Mexico! There, the sun always shines, the drinks are included in your package, and there’s a very dishy bartender named Apollo serving them up! Apollo’s a little frustrated, and could use your company, I’m sure! 😉

Happy new year, everyone! Stay healthy and happy.



Blurb for Sunburn:

Patience O’Conner is a travel blogger who lives for her work. Her dedication to her readers brings her to the famed Helios Resort in Mexico, a locale that stuns her with its beauty but at which she suffers from some very strange accidents.
Luckily, hunky resort bartender Apollo Delos is always there in the nick of time, a malcontent guardian angel. Apollo stuns Patience again and again with his life-saving abilities, to say nothing of his smoldering looks and apparent desire to keep her alive.
Before long, Patience wonders if there is more to the sexy bartender than mixed cocktails and insane first-aid skills. Something strange is happening at Helios and Apollo doesn’t want to talk about it.
Can Patience open herself up to this enigmatic man, even though she is terrified to be vulnerable again? And can Apollo recover from an eternity of hurt and learn to trust once more? They must both decide before Death comes calling.


Her eyes grew even wider. He could just tell from the startled roundness of her eyes she was remembering the scene at the buffet. Clearly, he’d neglected to place the forgetfulness spell on her too. She stared at her healed wrist. “Oh my God…” And then she stared at him. “How…?”
By Father Zeus, this was one of those moments he really wished he could lie. Just one, teeny white lie was all he asked.
He clenched his jaw and grasped at the best possible explanation. “Um. I’m really good at first aid. Like, the best.” He was the god of healing, after all. He’d better be good at fucking first aid!
She sat up and touched her wrist. “First aid wouldn’t have helped. It wasn’t just a little cut, Apollo. My vein was severed. I could have died.”
He bit his lip. “You were very groggy. You might have trouble remembering everything.” No lie there. “I took care of it. You’re fine.”
Patience gaped, obviously unconvinced. And then her gaze traveled down his neck and chest, stopping in the vicinity of his crotch.
As if on cue, his cock throbbed. Visibly.
She looked away quickly. Blinking furiously, she scrambled to get off the bed. “I should go.” However, she was hit by an obvious head rush that made her look even paler. “Oh dear.”
She swayed, and he gathered her against his chest, running his hand over her hair to soothe her. “Don’t move. You’re light-headed. You’re safe here. Just relax for a minute.”
She leaned against him but was stiff in his arms, apparently doing her best impression of a two-by-four.
He moved his hand under the veil of her hair, gods help him, and massaged the back of her neck until she became more pliable in his hands. He chuckled. “You have trouble relaxing, don’t you?”
She closed her eyes as he hit a pressure point in her neck, and she sighed. “I’ve never been much of a relaxer.”
“No kidding?” he teased.
Patience opened her eyes and looked at him. Her brows were still knit together in a frown, but the corners of her pink lips turned up. “Yeah. I failed R&R in school. I was too busy studying for my anal retention classes.”
He burst into laughter. Then she giggled.
And for some reason, to hear their two laughs echoing off the same walls together made him feel a bliss that was immeasurable.
Sunburn is available Jan 7 at www.lsbooks.com

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Here’s to new beginnings!

  1. I like that you add the qualifer ‘so far’ when you say one new book! I’m so excited to finally be in January and that much closer to the release of Sunburn! I just have to hold on to my sanity til Monday and then I get to read about Apollo! Yay! For me new year brings new books! Always a good thing!


  2. Yippee! Another hunky god to read about. Keep ’em coming, Rosanna! Oh and I say Nutella is not junk food — it has protein and good fat and is good for you — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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