Naughty New Years Blog Hop

Hi All, it’s me, Cherie again….. and I get to tell you about the Naught New Years Blog Hop…. Heh….yeah totally didn’t shove anyone out-of-the-way to get this spot of anything *tries for innocent look but fails miserably*

hopAnyone who knows me from my personal blog knows that I always finish with a little advice to the subs out there. Nothing ever serious, because lets face it there is no “right or wrong” in a D/s relationship, it’s a case of what works for you. But I do love to get creative with my suggestions.

I’m the same when I write. I like to spice up the sex where I can . Which is great for me and my readers, the ones not related to me, but when you are the youngest of five….yeah the baby that’s me…. it can be, a little red face causing.

My sisters – in – law told me that they both have read my books, that they are proud of me, but that they refused to let either of my brothers read them because, well in one book I have mild domination and in the second, there is spanking…….noones big brother ever needs to read that….heheheheheh

Sex isn’t the only thing I enjoy in books, I love comedy. Comedy sex is even better. Let’s face it people, sex isn’t serious, it’s fun…well if you do it right is it (wink)

Ok down to the blog hop information

We have two huge grand prizes

  1. A $100 Gift Card to sexy fun online shop EdenFantasys


2. An Erotic Digital Gift Basket – 10 New Releases from Hot Authors


In addition to the above we at Love, Lust and Laptops will be giving away a TWO e-book  bundles of our own….yeah thats how we roll…

1) will contain:

Eye of the Storm by Monette Michaels

Flight or Flight by Vanessa North

The Selkie by Rosanna Leo

Claiming Clara by Cherie Nicholls

2) will contain:

Stroke of Midnight by Robin Danner

Bayou Loup by Lynn Lorenz

The Rebound by Emilia Mancini

One Night Stand by Parker Kincade

Male Order by Lillian Grant

For your chance to win one of the above prizes leave us a comment here DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TOO!!

We’re not the only ones joining in this hop, loads of authors are, CLICK HERE to be taken to the list and just think, all those new authors you can be introduced to AND all those prizes you could win! I know it’s like Christmas all over again!!

Now before I go…a little advice…..if your Dom/me has picked out specific elegant but sexy underwear for you to wear that evening, and you turn up rockin’ the spider man panties instead……well…..thats just looking for trouble…don’t say I didn’t warn you


61 thoughts on “Naughty New Years Blog Hop

  1. Thanks for doing the hop!! This New Year I resolve to be extra naughty and really earn my spankings!! I would def show up rockin the Spiderman undies and happily take my punishment!
    So, many great new authors and book to add to my TBR pile and stalk after this hop!


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