A Free SSI Novella to Start Off 2013

MM_SSI_StormFront_240x360 Yes, this is a FREE novella.

Just click HERE and you will get a FREE PDF download of Storm Front (a 44.5 K Novella), otherwise affectionately called Book 2.5. MOBI and EPUB formats are in the works, BUT, please kids, you CAN read PDFs on all the major e-reading devices and that includes iBooks Apple devices also. I know this, ’cause I looked it up!

Less than one week after Earl Blackhawk helped Risto Smith and Callie Meyers fight off a Colombian drug lord in Osprey’s Point, Michigan, he travels to Idaho to act as Risto’s best man at his marriage to Callie. There he meets Callie’s friend, Tessa Andrews. When he’d asked Callie to find him a woman just like her, he’d been teasing … sort of. But Callie had taken him seriously and he was glad she had.

Tessa comes to Idaho with a problem dogging her heels. A cyberstalker has resurrected a past she thought deeply buried. A past any decent man, a man such as Earl, would take one look at and run the other way.

But then, Tessa has never met a man like Earl. He’s more than attracted to Tessa, feels instantly protective of her, and nothing and no one will harm her while he’s around.

Tessa doesn’t believe she deserves a happy ever after, and when Earl and some others see the damaging images her cyberstalker sends her, she runs into the teeth of a storm front and deadly peril.


You might ask why do I give away Free novellas in my best-selling series. My crit buddy told me I could charge $4.99 for this on Amazon. Yeah, I could, but I love my SSI fans and like to give them a look at minor characters or sneak previews of the series. This way they keep coming back, and they stay happy until I can write a full-length book.

Since my books tend to be 90K or over, sometimes they have a long wait between books. Plus, I also write another series or two or three, and I have to keep those books coming, also.

I banged this novella (which was longer than I’d anticipated) out in less than two months. Of course, I had no outside editor, but relied on the kindness of my crit partners and beta-readers to help me polish the novella. So, any typos or glaring inconsistencies, please tell me. Since I pubbed it on my web site, I can easily fix it. 🙂

MM_SSI_StormyWeatherBaby_250x350Oh and if you are interested, there is another FREE novella (25K) in this series, Stormy Weather Baby. Click HERE to get this novella (Book 1.5) in PDF. If you want another format, you can get MOBI and EPUB on my web site on the main page near the bottom.

Reading Order of SSI series:

  • Eye of the Storm, Book 1 (Ren and Keely’s story)
  • Stormy Weather Baby, Book 1.5 (Ren & Keely’s baby is born)
  • Cold Day in Hell, Book 2 (Risto Smith and Callie Meyers’ story)
  • Storm Front, Book 2.5 (Big Earl and Tessa Andrews’ story)
  • Weather the Storm, Book 3 (Vanko and Elana’s story) — Coming 2013

Please enjoy the free tastes of my romantic thriller/adventure series, Security Specialists International, and have a fabulous 2013!

4 thoughts on “A Free SSI Novella to Start Off 2013

  1. Superb!!! I love Earl & Tessa’s story. They are sooo meant for each other. Their romance is sizzling hot yet sensually passionate. Earl is one protective alpha. I love how protective he feels towards Tessa. This is a wonderful addtion to the SSI series.


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