Today was the dreaded day. I finally had to bite the bullet and let my teenage daughter get her belly button pierced. Ick! Why would anyone want to do that? She begged me for at least three years. I put her off. Hoped it was a passing fancy that she would decide against. Nope. Finally, I relied on my old standby. Hey, it worked in the past! “Sure, as soon as someone else does it.”

When the child was in about second grade, she started begging me to let her shave her legs. So young! Granted, I could see why. But who needs to shave at that age? So, I invented the ole, “How about as soon as one of your friends starts shaving, then you can?” It worked. We made it all the way until the summer before fourth grade before she came running in to tell me her bestest friend had shaved!

But this is a piercing. Not quite the same as shaving. Why would I care, really? The truth is I don’t really care. It’s her belly button. My only concern was that we just moved here. People don’t even know her yet. Would she get a reputation? What does having a pierced belly button say to her peers? Does it look kinda trashy?

I had hoped for another year at least. Maybe she would change her mind in that time. I mean really, what other mom here in the “South” was going to let their kid pierce their navel? No one. None of her friends moms would allow it. Okay, except one. Crap! So now I have a pierced daughter. Well, not her first. Not even her second. Or third. Let’s face it. She has five holes in her ears. Does this needle poking stop now? What next? Don’t answer that… I can’t take it. I’m still recovering from today. Gross. And I took pictures!

Bad mom… Just badphoto-2… In my eyes, I shall not get the mom of the year award and it’s only January 6th. However, hmmm, in the kids eyes, I’m the greatest mom ever to walk the face of the earth. That does mean something. I’ll take it! *grin* We have to pick our battles I suppose. Score one for the teenage daughter. Save the absolute “No” for another day. I’m sure there will be many to choose from…

Becca Jameson (Mom of the Year)

8 thoughts on “Piercings

  1. I get crap because my 17 year old daughter has a tattoo on her ankle, thing is she got it with me, her aunt and her grandmother . When we moved across the country and would only be seeing each other maybe once a year we wanted to do something that bonded us as a family so we choice a Celtic shamrock to represent our Irish heritage and all 4 of us got the same one. Would other moms let their 17 year old get a tattoo, not many. Do I care? not so much. It means something to her and to me and so let people think what they want she still is a straight A student and has a genius IQ. HUGS Carin


  2. It was a decade ago, but Becca I’m from the South and lots of people have belly button rings. I mean, come on, what’s the better place to wear the cropped tops and show them off since it’s so dang hot around here?; )


  3. thank God my daughter doesn’t even want pierced ears. No worries here about tattoos or piercings. She’s pain-avoidant. But it’s true, pick your battles.
    When she wanted to get the hair off her legs, I told her she had to use Nair until she can stand to wax it off. She’s sixteen now and waxes her legs from knee down every 3 months or so. She’s blonde so it doesn’t really show much, except in the summer.


  4. I was lucky in that my daughter was a cheerleader in high school and they wouldn’t allow belly rings. However, she has one now (as do I so what can I say about that?). At the end of the day, it’s not the surface stuff that matters. 🙂


  5. I have holes in my ears but that’s about it. This fad of piercing was not something that was even the norm when I was a teen, so was never tempted. Now, I’m too old. 🙂 You’re a good mom, Becca. Picking battles is the only way to go — and in the grand scheme of things, belly button piercing isn’t something to go to war over.


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