Body Parts

Happy Thursday my lovelies! I tried to come up with a good tag line for that…Happy Titillating Thursday…Happy Tantalizing Thursday…Happy…okay. I’ll stop. There’s just not a good word that goes with Thursday.

So, on this Thrusting Thursday (see? Told you.), let’s talk shop, shall we? And by shop I mean body parts. And by body parts I mean what turns you on.

Arms, legs, fingers, toes, lips…with so many parts to choose from…how does one decide their favorite? For me, it’s easy. There’s just something about smooth skin encasing rock, hard muscle. Sharp lines leading to a softer bend, veins bulging.

I am, of course, talking about biceps.

Now, I could tell you something pretty and utterly romantic…like the first thing I notice about a man are his eyes. But, that would be a lie. The eyes are second, maybe third if his back is to me, but the first thing my eyes are drawn to are his arms. So, you can bet all of my leading men are going to have great arms too.

Strong, solid.

Able to pick a woman up and cradle her. Able to cocoon her in their protective grasp and make her feel safe. Able to hold her down and love her.

© olly -

© olly –


…Or able to carry her books one-handed for her. *winks*

I’ll give you a second…



*happy sigh* Okay, so what is your favorite body part? What are your eyes drawn to in that first moment? Do tell. Enquiring minds want to know…

Until next time, happy reading!


21 thoughts on “Body Parts

  1. Sorry I missed most of what this post said couldn’t stop gawking at Mr sexy he can carry my books any time. My favourite part on a man is the top of his chest you know that first glimpse of Chest hair you get in the v of a shirt.


  2. Oh dear…this is difficult. I am an eye woman, first and foremost, but if we’re talking straight sex appeal, I have to say butt. I’m a big butt woman. And a good back is important. Biceps are wonderful. That part of a man’s waist where you see the muscles above his hips…I was supposed to pick one, wasn’t it?


  3. Hands down, it’s chest and shoulders. If a guys has well defined chest and shoulders, the arms are a given. I want to palm the meat of a well muscled pec and shoulder so badly.


  4. I’m a fan of a great looking chest and abs. Washboard abs and tight pecs. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I also like a tight ass and a pair of tasty thighs.


  5. Its his butt for me, you.know nice rounded globes fitting tight jeans….then smile /cheeky grin….and twinkling eyes…..
    Got to have nice teeth and well kept nails….unkept teeth n nails a real turn off.


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