Robin’s Top 5 – Part 1

Robin’s Five Favorite Heroines of All-Time

This post will be my first in a two-part series about my favorite characters. Ladies first, of course, so this week I’ll be sharing my five favorite heroines of all-time. Join me again in two weeks as I recount the delicious heroes who top my list.

And now, with no futher ado, are my favorite characters whom are missing the “Y” chromosome.

5. Keely Walsh – Monette Michael’s kick-butt, brainiac heroine is the epitome all female characters should aspire to. I fell in love with smart, sassy Keely from the very first page. Keely can do it all…drive a helicopter, snipe out all the bad guys, and build a highly complex, futuristic-type security system. Did I mention she’s only twenty-one? This gal has it going on in one uber-talented pint-sized package. See her in action in Love, Lust, and Laptop’s very own Monette’s Eye of the Storm.

4. Mary Rose Clayborne – Julie Garwood’s orphaned heroine who is found and raised by four street urchins can’t help but tug at your heartstrings. Mary Rose’s shining personality is the sum of the best parts of her brothers. I read For The Roses during spring break my senior year. Did I mention I was at Panama City Beach? Yep, while my friends were tanning and flirting with boys, I sat on my lounge chair with my nose pressed to a book. The future Mrs. Ben Affleck (aka Jennifer Garner) was cast as Mary Rose in the made-for-TV movie, but even as much as I love Jennifer, none can hold a candle to Mary Rose!

3. Penelope Trask – I’m not ashamed to admit that my own My Footman, My Prince was inspired by my favorite Jennifer Ashley novel, Penelope & Prince Charming. Until I read it, I didn’t know that I was “allowed” to write a historical type romance with fairy tale elements, such as curses and paranormal creatures. The Princes series was created with this tale in mind as well…as I developed my own kingdoms so I could have free reign with the “history” of my characters. Penelope & Prince Charming is a delightful read about what happens when a normal gal meets the prince she is destined to marry.

2. Whitney Stone – Judith McNaught is a wizard when it comes to creating unforgettable characters. The favorite book from my pre-teen and teen years, Whitney, My Love, features an irresistible hoyden who grows into a ravishing woman. See, she’s that awesome she even got a book named after her! An outcast as a child, unloved by her father, and packed away to Paris, Whitney’s tale begins when she’s a young child. She returns home to England all grown-up and ready to break hearts. She is loyal to the unworthy Paul and the crush she’s had on him for years, but all of that changes when she is practically given to Clayton Westmoreland. I got mad on Whitney’s behalf. I laughed with her. I sighed at her hot, intense romance. Never have I been so wrapped up in a character. Whitney easily slides into the #2 spot.

1. Penelope Featherington – If you’ve ever read my interviews, then you would know I’m just a tad bit crazy about Julia Quinn. Not saying that I’ve named a child after her (although I did), but she’s easily my favorite Regency romance writer to date. So it comes as a no surprise that one of her heroines would feature as my ultimate heroine. Penelope Featherington won hearts of readers everywhere when she appeared in Julia’s Bridgerton series. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton is the fourth book in the series and is my favorite, of course. Poor Penelope was the ugly duckling, overweight and overlooked, who came into her own through the course of the tale. Self-deprecating, with a delicious secret, Penelope is a heroine readers root for as her unrequited love is suddenly…requited.

So those are my five favorites. I have oodles of honorable mentions, but I’m sure you guys will mention them soon enough as I pose this question…Who are your favorite heroines?

Until next time!


9 thoughts on “Robin’s Top 5 – Part 1

  1. I love Julia Quinn too, Robin. Your list reminds me how much I love that genre – which I haven’t read much of lately. Hmm. My favorites? Deliah Duncannon from Stephanie Laurens Black Cobra Quartet and Tabitha Devereaux from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series are two that come to mind. How’s that for genre hopping? There are so many to choose from. Can’t wait to hear about others favs!


  2. I’ve never read those, Parker, but I need to! I’ve been wanting to check out the Dark Hunter series for a while now. As you can tell, I don’t venture very far from my Regency roots, but I’ve recently started enjoying more action and drama in my romances.


  3. Robin — Thank you! I’m squealing here. I love Keely also.

    Yeah, she is over the top (I have the criticisms on Amazon to prove that), but it’s fiction. Actually I know of someone who was so smart that he had doctorate equivalencies in physics and math as a young teen and had personal conversations with Stephen Hawking on physics and actually challenged some of Hawking’s theories and was taken seriously. Of course the person was a guy and he didn’t kick ass and I think, no, I’m sure he still lives with his parents — but he inspired my story. LOL

    It’s amazing what local interest news stories can inspire. I went from a pimply teen boy and created Keely who is so not pimply and so not a boy. LOL


  4. Wonderful backstory, Moni! I love strong, independent, smart women and Keely is definitely that. She reminds me of me except I’m not little, or tech savvy, or shoot guns. But other than that, we’re the same person! ; ) And I’m with you…it is fiction. It’s okay for our characters to be larger than life and you created a background for her that made it completely feasible for her to be the person she is.


  5. I wholeheartedly agree with your choices from Julie Garwood and Judith McNaught. Whitney, My Love, was written so beautifully that it honestly reminds me of Pride and Prejudice. It was my first adult novel and so well done that I devoured her other books, only to feel dejected when I finished them. One of my personal favorites is Hayden Lane from Jude Deveraux’s, Remembrance. She is a successful writer who develops an obsession for her newest novel’s hero. Unable to shake the feeling that she has missed the love of her life, Hayden decides to seek help from a psychic. Something goes awry during the hypnotism and voile, she is living “in” her own story. Timetravel, psychics, intrigue, and adventure make it my one read over. I keep a well worn copy in my nightstand.


    • I love Jude’s works as well, Lee! My personal fave of hers is one of the time travel ones, where it shows what could’ve been vs what should’ve been in their lives. I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me!! I’m going to have to Google it. I had the book on my nightstand too for years and years, but I think I lost it when I moved to college.


  6. Julia Quinn & Judith McNaught are two of my favorite writers too. I went the other direction, however. I am currently avoiding the historical romance genre because their awesomeness is utterly intimidating :P.


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