Location, location, location.

Are you one of those people who adore watching real estate shows on TV? If so, you will have heard the real estate mantra, “location, location, location.” In other words, if you’re buying a property, a desirable location is always first priority.

Weeell, this mantra applies to other things too.

I’d be willing to bet that most authors, romance or otherwise, would agree upon the importance of setting to the development of a book. In fact, sometimes the setting is so vivid it almost becomes a character unto itself.

There are some settings in romance lit that are familiar by now: the cabin in the woods, the sunny beach, the boss’s office. I have no problem with revisiting these settings; they are like a cozy, warm blanket.

And sometimes you get a setting that strikes you as a little different, even odd. A mechanic’s shop, a busy city street, a cluttered museum storage facility. Throw a lust-struck couple (or group) into one of those settings and enjoy the zing of something new!

As a writer, I’m always thinking, “How can I make this my own?” This extends to setting too. I may place my characters on that familiar beach, but I try to throw a new light on the situation. In Sweet Hell, for instance, I used a beach, but the beach was in hell…and not a happy place. It can be fun seeing how your characters react to different locations. A stimulating setting can thrust your characters together in ways they never anticipated.

My newest setting in my current work in progress is a northern Ontario fishing lodge. LOL- it’s been fun trying to make that one sexy! 

Give me a shout out and tell me about some of the settings you’ve enjoyed. Where do you like to see literary lovers at play?



7 thoughts on “Location, location, location.

  1. Rosanna, I think anyplace can be made sexy by the right setup, I am more of a cabin in the woods than a beach girl myself but I have read scenes that take place everywhere from a cave to a castle and with the right sexual tension anyplace is a good place ;O) Carin


  2. Oh, Rosanna…that beach in Sweet Hell…damn. 😉 It’s not an easy thing to bring the setting alive – to make it more than descriptive detail. But when it happens, it’s magic. As a reader, that’s what I want. Well, that and more sex in exotic places…like in a gondola in Venice (oooo, plot bunny) or perhaps…a fishing lodge in northern Ontario (hint, hint). Great post!


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