Advise from one geek to…..

Hay, it’s Cherie here again.

As you may or may not know, I’m an IT manager at my EDJ (every day job). Which means  I am in fact a giant geek. Yep….huge geek.

That being said I thought I might use my geeky-ness for good…..on this occasion  heh.

So today is officially being called BACK IT UP day.  No matter if you are a writer or not, this  will apply to you. Picture are working on a new story, or presentation for work, or some college essay. You are nearly at the end and then BAM!! computer crashes and you lose the entire thing. Hours worth of work …gone.

Yes word has an auto-save function, but you may or may not have changed it from its original setting of every few hours and now you have lost all that work…all you have left is the title page…….   Heart stopped beating yet??  Yeah…I know right….nightmare..

or worse still…computer dies or misfires and what happens…all those pictures you took….gone forever!

So back up all those files that mean anything to you….don’t just back them up to one place like an external hard drive, which vary in price FYI, but to something free and simple like Dropbox. Two places are good, because if the external hard drive dies……you still have an additional store selection…

I have spent may hours helping people recover lost work and I can say it’s not always possible, no matter how good your IT person is….it may be gone forever.

As a writer I know the pain of loosing all those words……..the horror of realizing you didn’t save it properly or anywhere else…..that pitiful cry to the wind at the injustice of it all….so take my advise…BACK IT UP…

ok…ok….I will get off my soapbox now….just please… people, if not for yourselves then for the sanity of the IT person you will call….back it up!

I am not only a geek my trade I have writing about them too.

In the Alpha’s Vixen, Dizzy starts out the night as a simply IT geek…..but ends it very differently..

Blood Bar Chronicles


When the Wicked Ladies of Fiction meet up in a Scottish bar they don’t expect a night filled with danger, lust and hot supernatural men…

 Blurb for Alpha’s Vixen:

From IT geek to Mystical Beacon in one night; not the usual WLF meeting it has to be said.

Dora “Dizzy” Williamson is a busy lady, but she finally makes time to meet some of her writing group in a new bar. Surely a couple of hours with the ladies wouldn’t be too bad, right?

Xander de Rista is CEO and alpha to his pack, so being drawn to a new bar that prickled his fur doesn’t sit too well with him. Tonight feels different; there are too many supernaturals in one place, but one human stands out to him. One he intends to claim and protect, because hell isn’t just breaking loose, it is coming to town.


“Oh my God, you’re a vampire!”
“I am not!” Xander yelled. If she hadn’t been held down on his sofa, half naked, in a cottage        in the middle of the Scottish country side, Dizzy would have found the indignant look on his face amusing.
“Mate, funny changing eyes, superman strength, and fangs?
If it looks like a vampire and smells like a vampire, it’s a vampire.”
She attempted to shrug even though her arms were over her head.


Buy link: Breathless Press, Amazon


The Blood Bar Chronicles Book 1 has also been nominated for Best Anthology 2012!! I know I  freaked out too!!  You can see how it’s doing by clicking HERE, polls close on Jan 20th.

Until next time remember……Candles….are not just for birthday cakes……heh….

17 thoughts on “Advise from one geek to…..

  1. Put your wgip away… er well no maybe don’t lol… BUT you’ve done your job will. I now back up, send myself emails use and external hard drive AND dropbox.
    Overkill? maybe but hey it stops you nagging me (about that anyway)


  2. I hear you babe. My netbook got a virus about two years ago and everything disappeared. Thankfully I found an IT Geek who saved it for me but have I learnt my lesson? Do I back up? Do I use Dropbox…umm…actually no 😦


  3. IT Geek on the prowl. Well, I’ve learnt my lesson and I now use Dropbox, and I have more than one computer connected to the Dropbox account. So if one goes down and there’s no internet, I should still be able to access my files. I hope. 🙂


  4. I have the greatest computer dude! He has my laptop set to back up several times a day. 🙂 I love your advice lines at the end of your posts. I look forward to these each time!


  5. You and my hubby would get along famously, Cherie! He’s my personal love slave and computer guru, a wicked combination!, and he is always telling me to ‘back it up, babe, you gotta back it up’…of course, I think there’s more than one meaning there. 😉


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