Answer to the Universal Question …

And what universal question is that, you ask?  What came first, the chicken or the egg?  Why is there air? Is God a man or a woman? Or, what was up with that Mayan calendar deal?

Nope, none of those.  Although I did ponder quite awhile over the chicken and egg one until my brain cells went crosswise and I began to lose the feeling in my limbs.  If anyone has the answer — share.

DSCF0027No, the UNIVERSAL QUESTION I am talking about is … Kindle or Nook?

Now, some background:

I have been an e-published author since 1998.  Way back then when e-books were emerging from the primordial ooze, we mostly read on laptops and maybe Palm Pilots until a wonderful device called the Rocket eBook by Nuvomedia came out.  There were many who tried to copy it and failed. RCA/Thomsen Consumer Electronics bought out Nuvomedia and then went nowhere with the Rocket which they had renamed. Um, I hope the marketing genius who screwed the pooch on the Rocket eBook re-branding has now kicked him or herself in the ass. They’d taken a viable product with name recognition and killed it off.  JMHO.

And the original Rocket was a damn good product for its time. My original Rocket eBook still works over 13 years later. Yes, ladies and gents, the same rechargeable battery still recharges — and, gasp, holds the charge. You can’t say that about many rechargeable devices today.

Nuvomedia had a good, reliable product that did what it purported to do — store and read eBooks in a simple format.  Yes, it was only black and white with grayscale for the covers, but it was a pioneer product in the new world of eBooks. Baby steps would have soon led to bigger and greater things. But it was not to be.

Since e-books didn’t catch on quite as fast as everyone had hoped, the Rocket and its immediate successors went the way of the dinosaur and died.  RIP

BTW I love my Rocket, and while I have retired it, I plan to have it buried with me.

Flash forward a few years — well, more than a few years — to Jeff Bezos and Amazon and the Kindle. This is when e-books began to gain ground.

Jeff Bezos is a marketing genius. Whether you like him and his company or not, he has single-handedly brought e-books into the mainstream.  Everyone else has been playing catch up ever since.

Like everyone else, I want new and shiny technology.  I want to read my books, have color covers and images, and do other shit with my reading device.  So, after I gently packed away my Rocket (which still effin’ works!) in its original box, I decided to buy a modern e-reading device.

My dilemma was — what of the many choices out there did I want to take a chance on?

I did my homework.  Read reviews. Read customer complaints. Studied specs.

When I made my decision, I didn’t begin with the Kindle or even the Nook; both were a tad bit too pricey for me to take a chance on when I decided to retire the Rocket. So, I went with a Nook-a-like, the Pandigital — it had color, it played music, it played videos, and it was inexpensive.  It was Android-based and if I wanted to hack it, it could act as a tablet.

I was happy with it until it died. Unlike my Rocket eBook, the Pandigital was not built for the long-term.

So, my next leap into the e-reader marketplace was the Kindle Fire.  I was an Amazon Prime customer, and the idea of loads of free videos, TV shows, and free books on loan sold me.  And I have to say, the Kindle Fire does what it says it will do and so far (knock on wood) the battery has recharged and held the charge. Most nights, I can get almost 8 hours with the WiFi on, more with the WiFi off.

But since I am of an inquiring mind, had a shit load of books in EPUB, and since I like to test out my book files on both the Kindle and a Nook-like device  such as my deceased  Pandigital, I then purchased a Nook Color (WiFi).

What are the differences between the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color?

The Nook Color screen is larger, and it is lighter to hold. I don’t play music on it. I don’t watch videos on it.  I read magazines and books on it. Magazines look fab on it. I’m not sure I like the way files are organized on the Nook (Kindle is easier to use), but the Nook also has an external SD card slot — so the memory is expandable.  You can save a lot of books on a 32 G SD card.  Also, I think the Nook touch screen is easier to use in that the Kindle takes a harder swipe to scroll.  (FYI, The Nook I bought is newer than my Kindle Fire and the screen seems more adaptive.)

So, what is the answer to the Universal Question … Kindle or Nook?

My answer is I don’t know.  Sort of like the chicken and egg thing — it is all a matter of perspective.

For right now, I am happy to use both — the Kindle for the Amazon Prime free videos and TV shows (the picture is really really good and with headphones on it is like being in a mini-theater), and the Amazon Cloud storage.   The Nook for all the books I had already purchased in EPUB and for when I want a larger screen to read graphic intensive magazines and books.

Share your e-reading device experiences — I will choose one of the comments and give away a FREE download of the first book in my Security Specialists International series, Eye of the Storm to one commenter.

12 thoughts on “Answer to the Universal Question …

  1. Kindle for me, no contest there. My first ereader was Kindle Dx then i got a Kindle fire. I’m also at home on the Amazon site.



  2. I like my Kindle. I am computer challenged (as you know!) and the ease of the Kindle with my Amazon account was a no brainer for me. I have become addicted and I only use it for books. I charge it as often as I do my phone. The best feature for me, with my sucky eyesight is making the print bigger. I haven’t tried a Nook, so I’m a little biased, but I luuuurve my Kindle!


    • What sucky eyesight? I thought you wore the blingie reading glasses as a fashion statement! Hugs and um, didn’t you have a book just come out like — today? I know it is waiting on my Kindle to be read (well, read again, since I read it before).


  3. When I decided I needed an e-reader I looked at both and then went with the Kindle mostly because it has about twice the books available at Amazon and to me being able to get my hands on as many books as I could was the deciding factor. I only really read books on my Fire, I know it is designed to do a bunch of other stuff and I have (rarely) used the other capabilities. That is just my experience, Carin


    • Carin — Thanks for sharing. If you have Amazon Prime (I love that service — free shipping on all Amazon Prime stuff), there are tons of free movies and TV — love to watch Inspector Lewis mysteries on my Kindle.


  4. I love my Nook tablet. I have had it for aprox 2 years now and I read books on it every night and sometimes listen to Pandora on it while reading. I love the apps and they have a pretty lengthy list of free books/apps ect. I always recommend my Nook and love the color options on there. The Barns and Noble website is easy to use,. I (like you) did lots of research before deciding and the thing that made me choose the Nook over the Kindle was the external SD option.


  5. I have both. My Nook is a first generation, matte screen. No light. No bells. No whistles. I love it. Recently, I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite and I love it too. Mainly because I can read in the dark. The bottom line for me is this: I wanted my reader to just be a reader. I have plenty of other devices I can do other things on. 🙂 But the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablets are pretty cool…


  6. This was a terrific post. I was gifted with a Kindle Christmas 2011 and it changed my life or at least the way I pack to travel to Central America. On my trips I always pack two duffles stuffed with English language books which left only enough room for two changes of underwear. Now, all I have to do is download dozens of my favorite authors and I’m good for months in my little house in el Cacao or on Taboga Isla. No more treks into the city to scout all of the tiny libraries of yacht clubs, social clubs or cantinas where expats hang and trade books. I love my Kindle!

    Jackie Weger


  7. Great blog, Moni. In 2011, I decided I had to have an e-reader and did lots of research. I liked the idea of having color, email, Internet, etc. since I did not have a smart phone then, so Nook Color was the best option since Kindle Fire was not yet out. To save money, I bought my Nook on E-Bay and loved it. Never was crazy how email worked so do not use it for that. Especially, after I got a smart phone a year ago. Last Spring we got an IPad 2 so then put Nook and Kindle apps on it sine my phone came with a Kindle one and books. I love my Nook for reading books and magazines and apps and some Internet/ Facebook. But some of the things I got the Nook for now are easier on the iPad or on my phone, My younger daughter bought a Kindle Fire last year and is a Prime customer and loves it.


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