Hi. My name is Emilia and I write erotica…

In case you didn’t know, I’m kinda nerdy. Like book nerdy. Maybe even a little sexy librarian nerdy…at least in my mind.

This week, I started the second semester of graduate school. I’m working on a master’s degree in publishing.

One of the classes I am super excited about started as well. Young Adult Genre Studies. We get to read and analyze books like Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Archer and Matched by Ally Condie. Great books by great authors.

With the start of every new semester comes the day of introductions. State your name, occupation, and other general bullshit that no one will remember tomorrow. This particular first class though, something interesting happened that I probably should have seen coming.

Along with the usual getting-to know-you questions came, “What were your favorite books as a teen?”

Uh. Um. Yeah.

I write erotica. I didn’t exactly follow the path of innocence to get here. Even in my teen years, I wanted passion so hot I blushed just reading it. I wanted strong-willed heroines who were just waiting for a man who could match her wits and set free her deepest desires. I wanted heroes with chiseled chests and big…uh, you get the picture.

But how to put this delicately? Hmm…

Then I remembered there was one non-Harlequin-esque book I enjoyed. One book that was slightly respectable for a girl of that age to be reading, one book that had more plot than sex, one book that I could throw out to my classmates without looking like the complete smut-lover that I am.

Unforgiven by Patricia MacDonald. This was a relatively mild book in comparison to the sexy exploits I enjoyed even then. (My alter ego actually talked to our own Monette Michaels on her blog about it not too long ago.) So, there it was, I threw that one out there. My favorite book as a teen.

One slightly awkward instance in the life of an erotic writer. Trust me, there are so many more and most of them are far worse than this!

15 thoughts on “Hi. My name is Emilia and I write erotica…

  1. well I just review and talk about the smut you write so when asked what I do I just tell them I am a book whore, I review for books ;O) Carin


  2. Luckily, I am a freelancer (aka a poor self-employed homebody/student), but I can sympathize with the awkwardness there, Melissa! When The Rebound came out I was a 35 year old undergrad surrounded by 18-22 year old males who would have gotten their jollies knowing “Mama Bear,” as they called me, was a sex writer. They found out eventually, but I had to become comfortable with the idea of them knowing first.


    • I often wonder what people mean when they say, “Oh, you write *those* books…”? Are they silently asking if I wear latex and spank my husband? Because that’s how it makes me feel. LOL I just smile and let them think what they think, but I always wonder.


  3. We are kindreds! Although I’d be hard pressed to come up with a book from my teens that didn’t have some kind of sexy going on in it. 🙂 One of the classes I’m in right now wants me to do a reader profile…including titles of what I’ve recently read. Uhhh. I’m not sure they are ready for all that! 🙂


  4. I live in the type of place where a common response to my career choice is “Oh, bless your heart.” Which, I can assure you, only sounds like a nice thing. Good thing I have Becca nearby–I know she won’t judge! 😀


  5. Yes, I’ve had this quandary. I write under a pen name (well, two) for a very specific reason. I am an arbitrator (a lawyer) and I judge private cases for a large dispute resolution organization. These are usually contract cases (some employment) worth big $$. I am a neutral, thus I must be unbiased. One case: I am at the hearing, out of town, so it cost everyone money to travel and get hotel rooms — and one of the out-of-state counsel for the claimant said his wife read my books –on the record! I had to stop the proceedings and on the record acknowledge I wrote romance novels on the side and that the fact the man’s wife read and liked my books would not affect my decision in the case. Luckily, the respondent had no issues with that — but I did get strange looks. Most embarrassing day I have ever had as an arbitrator. But I imagines some of them did go and check out my books overnight. 🙂


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