The real life adventures of Vanessa

Write what you know?

I confess, I’ve never actually met a werewolf. Or a werebear. Or a spaceship pilot. And while I still have my pointe shoes from way back when, I never danced the lead in Giselle. And honestly, I’ve never even been to Canada. Or outer space, for that matter.

I do tend to write what I know though–pervs, get your minds out of the gutter!–when it comes to the big ideas. I like to write about personal adventures, journeys of the spirit on the way to finding true love and happy ever after, and I have to admit, some of those are influenced by observations or questions I make about the world around me. When all the parents are tattooed and pierced and have dyed hair (as my generation is wont to do) how will their children rebel? (This question keeps me up at night sometimes).

There are also twins all up over my writing. I’m a twin, and mom to twins, so I use my observations from both perspectives, and twin relationships show up all over the place in my writing.

As for the hobbies that make a character real to me? The things they enjoy when they aren’t getting horizontal with the other main character? Some of my characters share my passion for art, photography, and writing. Some of the others might take up glassblowing or boxing because I thought it would be fun. And I confess, every single character I torture with my own obsession with running? Yeah, they could so kick my ass in a race, but they got that from me.

Maybe I’ve never danced with a werewolf in outer space…so what? The real life adventures of Vanessa are pretty fun too. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “The real life adventures of Vanessa

  1. Boxing! I do boxing.
    I’ve never shot fire from my hands, but one of my heroines (in my Rae Morgan books) did. So, yeah, write what you know is in the general vein and not the specific. The fact that each writer can bring different things to their writing from their own life experience is what keeps fiction varied and real. So? Do twins have sort of an ESP – inquiring minds want to know. πŸ™‚ Loved the blog.
    And, Parker, I didn’t know you were a perv. How does Vanessa know this?


    • No ESP, at least not that I’ve noticed! I have a twin brother, twin aunt and uncle, and I am mom to twin boys. As far as I know, none of us have any ESP stuff, but we are all fraternal.

      As for boxing, I think it sounds like a blast. I dedicated Fight or Flight to a friend in the boxing business who helped me immensely with Tirzah’s training scene. πŸ˜€


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