Happy (almost) Birthday, Amanda Martin!

Happy trembling Thursday! No? Tawdry Thursday? Dammit. I’m telling you…there is NO good, sexy word that goes with Thursday. But it’s my day, so I’ll keep trying…

On to the business at hand. I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled blog post because it’s Amanda Martin’s birthday. Well, actually, Monday is her birthday, but since my post is today, we’re celebrating early. Right, Amanda?

AMANDA: *fist bump* Damn right, Parker! Today and every day ’til Monday.

PARKER: So, what are the big plans for the weekend? Joe taking you somewhere sexy?

AMANDA: Hmm. Only our bedroom, which works for me! Actually, the guys are coming to the ranch to stay tonight and tomorrow. We’re grilling steaks and relaxing tonight and tomorrow we’re having a bonfire. You’re coming, right?

PARKER: For the bonfire?

AMANDA: For the weekend.

PARKER: Uhhh…hadn’t planned on it.

AMANDA: Well, change your plans. Come on, Parker. You can’t leave me alone in a house full of testosterone. We girls have to stick together.

PARKER: Won’t Samantha be there?

AMANDA: *scowls* No. So, it’s all on you to save me. It’s just gonna be me, Joe, Caleb, Brandon, Alec and you. Jake will be around for the bonfire. That boy has never met a s’more he didn’t like. Oh, and Cooper is coming too. It’ll be fun!

PARKER: You just want me to cook my famous pancakes in the morning. *crosses arms* I’m not sleeping in the barn.

AMANDA: Of course not! You can take Alec’s room and he can stay on the couch.

PARKER: Remembering Alec’s room is positioned between Caleb’s and Brandon’s rooms…Mmm, I’m in!

God, I love my life…

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