Robin’s Top 5 – Part 2

A couple weeks ago, I let ya’ll know my top five favorite romance heroines. Today I’m back to share with you the goods on who tops the list for the guys. Even as I type this, I’m wracking my brain wondering how I’ll ever single five out of all the dashing heroes I’ve read about. Well…here goes nothing!

#5 – Ambrose St. James from Johanna Lindsey’s Man of My Dreams. Even as I write the book’s title, I’m kicking myself for not including Megan Penworthy on my list of heroines! She’s definitely an honorable mention, for sure! But it’s the guys’ turn, so back to Ambrose aka Devlin Jeffreys. Masquerading as a horse breeder, the uber-sexy Ambrose is the perfect mix of mystery and sex appeal. Do I even need to bring up the stable scene? Ohh la la!

#4 – Michael Monaghan from Lillian Grant’s Male Order, Male Review, and Hot Male. It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of Lillian’s Male series, with Michael easily stealing the scene from Meg and Sam from the very first book. But by the time the third book opens and readers get a glimpse of Michael’s past, what was merely lust for me turned into awww, shucks! He’s such a sweetie! As you can tell, I’m a sucker for “nice” boys. So despite his bad boy persona, Michael definitely earns his spot because of his surprisingly sweet personality. I’m not saying I wouldn’t rip the pants off him, cause I would, but there is definitely more to Michael than just being eye candy!

#3 Hugh d’Arcy from my very own Princes series. Okay, so it may be wrong for me to include one of my own creations, but I can’t leave out Hugh! From the very first book, Nadia’s nephew caught my eye. As I created more and more of a role for him, I was left with a character who seemed to have blossomed before my very eyes. So yes, I’m going to include him! Hopefully one day he’ll top my readers’ lists as their favorite!

#2 – Rhett Butler. I’m not even going to do my readers the injustice of mentioning which book this hero is from. Surely everyone out there in cyberland is aware. The oh-so-dashing Clark Gable aside, Margaret Mitchell hit it out of the literary ballpark when she created the passionate, irreverant Rhett. I once had a caricature of myself made as Scarlett O’hara. When the artist asked which I preferred, Ashley or Rhett, I merely gave him a haughty look, turned up my nose, and said in my best Southern belle impression “Why, Rhett, of course!” And who can blame me? What gal hasn’t dreamed of being hauled up that staircase?

#1 – Collin Bridgerton from Julia Quinn’s Romancing Mr. Bridgerton. Okay, so I admit. Picking my top favorite hero was ridiculously simple. It’s no surprise Collin is my number one pick as his lady love also tops my list of heroines. The fun-loving, easygoing member of the Bridgerton clan is the type of hero I’m always writing about… a sweet dude who is fond of food and making jokes. (Perhaps he reminds me of myself?)

So I’ve shown you mine. Come on, peeps, and show me your favorites!

5 thoughts on “Robin’s Top 5 – Part 2

  1. Um, let me see. Wolf Mackenzie from Linda Howard’s Mackenzie’s Mountain. Zane Mackenzie from Mackenzie’s Pleasure. Roark from J.D. Robb’s Death series, and Nolan from Cherise Sinclair’s Masters of Club Shadowlands series. Um, seems I like my heroes, dark, alpha-male, over-protective and rugged. 🙂


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