That moment when you wake up…

and think it’s Saturday and then realise it’s only Wednesday….yeah that was me this morning……. *sulk*

Then I remembered it was my turn to post today and I had a small heart attack.

As usual my every day life was getting in the way of my writing life. Something I am still trying to find a balance for.

Writing stories, creating worlds, introducing characters, that is my passion. Being a paid IT geek, well that’s what pays the bills and allows me to, you know, eat. Sometimes one takes over the other.

I am trying to find a way to do give them equal attention, but am failing embarrassingly right now…… *hangs head in shame*

Is there something you are passionate about? Does your every day life get in the way? If so, have you managed to find a balance? Because I really would like to know.

On a brighter note, I will be travelling from a windy, rainy GB, and flying by me self to the RT Convention in Kansas being held in May, so if you are going come up and say hi….but I have to warn you, we Brits, we don’t do the hugging….it’s a  law and everything  😀

And before I go…..I’m going to let you in to a secret, don’t let the others know I told you this but….we are doing a little something starting on March 11th……I am saying nothing more! You could torture me and I wouldn’t tell…..nope….nothing….not a word….oh well maybe one little work….LUCKY’S…that’s it I have said too much already…..the others will kill me shhh don’t tell them I said anything…..

Until next time…remember a Dom/me doesn’t have to big and scary and shouty…..a simple quirk of the eyebrow can say so much, and still send that delicious shiver down a subs spine…..Just thought I would share……



5 thoughts on “That moment when you wake up…

  1. Cherie is getting a hug from this Midwesterner — we hug almost as much as Southerners — so she will just have to take it.

    I bet she is very huggable.

    As for every day life interfering with writing, uh, yeah. We have a 12-step group for that. I have yet to find the perfect balance, and I’ve been juggling family, day job, and writing since 1995 when I first took a chance and wrote the story in my head that bugged the shit out of me..


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