Out of Sight and Driving Me Crazy

MP910218046Today is my day to blog.  Thank God for pre-scheduling since I am now in surgery to have my right eye cataract removed and a new, high-tech implantable lens inserted.  I had the left eye done last week on the 21st.  If all goes as is expected, I will be 20/20 vision with no astigmatisms for the first time in over 52 years.

I am excited. It will be nice to be able to go to sleep and wake up seeing the alarm clock without fumbling for my glasses.  It will be super to be able to wear real sunglasses and not clip-ons and lately, because of the cataracts, the old-lady fitovers. (My glasses prescription being so expensive, prescription sunglasses were cost-prohibitive.) Yes, I might have to wear reading glasses but having long distance vision is so worth it. (I had to make a choice — long or short distance vision, the monofocular would not work with my extreme myopia and other eye issues).

But it is the interim that will be Hell on Earth.


According to the doctor, I am not to strain my eyes between the surgeries, which means no excessive reading — or writing on the computer — or doing social media on the computer.    Considering I am so myopic, I am fairly sure the last week, i.e., the week with one eye done and one eye not, has been Hell on Earth for me.  It was worth repeating.

You see, I am a reader. I read a book a night.  I work on the computer all day before reading that book a night.  I am not sure my sanity will remain intact with me not reading or doing my e-mail or working on my current book, which my loyal fans want like yesterday.

Reading = me.  Period.

So, consider me climbing the walls and hoping that after this second eye is done, I am given the go ahead at the March 8th post-op exam to go back to my usual schedule of reading and writing — if not, my husband might have to find me a nice rubber room to bounce around in.

When inspiration is hard to find….

Of late I have had a complete lack of inspiration. I can’t find anything I want to read and mostly when I’m not the computer I just mess around on the internet….

That was until last week, again I was messing about on the internet and a floated over to Pinterest.

What is Pinterest some of you might ask. Well it’s like a giant pinboard where you can collect images that you like, those images are then shared with other people on pinterest and theirs are shared with you and the creative love is passed around.

I have a couple of boards on there but haven’t really taken it that seriously. So when I clicked on the url, mostly because I didn’t have anything else to do, I was again uninspired by the images there. I decided to put in random search terms to see what came up..

I won’t lie, I can’t remember what the term was but an image came up and my muse sat up in its chair……then another random search term and yet more images came up….so I started a board for all these images…wanna see??  Ok, here you go…LINK……..

I actually love some of those images. But wait…that’s not all,  I’ve started one for Lilly….who’s Lilly? I hear you asked…well she works for Lucky…..and we all remember Lucky right…NO?? How can you forget this image?

Lucky's Charms Promo

See I knew you’d remember! Don’t forget Lucky and his Charms will be here real soon!

If you want to follow me on Pinterest, the link to my profile is HERE, let’s share some inspiration!

Is there any website, blog, pinterest board or image that is a source of inspiration for you? Share it and spread the creative love!

Until next time…..remember….Just because their not looking at you doesn’t mean your Dom/me don’t know exactly what you are doing….don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Yummy mummies, anyone?

Today, I come to you a woman changed.

Over the weekend, my youngest son, the baby, the most recent flesh of my loins, turned 10. That’s right. 10 years old (stifles tear). And my eldest is turning 12 any day now.

I’ve become my mom. I remind young men to brush their teeth, to please not wear the same pair of socks for 42 hours straight, and to puh-lease shut the door and turn on the fan after they’ve forever marred our powder room.

I cook for my family and try to keep the house looking as if it doesn’t belong on one of those hoarders show. I budget. I shuttle children to spin class and gymnastics for boys (they rock, BTW).I work at a job outside the home and I write on top of it all. And it usually all gets done, although I am happy to take a pass on vacuuming any day…

All this craziness sometimes bursts my sexy bubble. It can take the yummy out of my mummy.

When does a busy lady find time and inclination for nookie? Is it possible that during the day-to-day, one can feel distinctly un-sexy? Uh, yeah, all day, most days. So how do we restore our yummy mumminess?

Well, reading our books helps. LOL No really, I get all flummoxed just writing them. Imagine when I really let go and READ one!!

I would also suggest sharing your steamy books with your significant other. The best compliment I ever had on one of my books was from a co-worker who said she read it with her hubby. He told her, after a night of passion, that it was the “best $5 they ever spent.” Gotta love that. Get the hubs involved! Recreate those passionate embraces!

Do I look the same as when I was 20? Nah. Do I act the same? Hell, no. Does my body still twist into crazy positions? Well, yeah, I try, but it sometimes hurts the next morning. I need to work harder at feeling sexy now. And for me that often means a break from the same-old.

There’s nothing more freeing and sexy than deviating from the routine. It adds a spark, a sense of the risque. And it doesn’t always mean getting your freaky on. It can be the little things that give you that spark of excitement.

Try a new lip color. It sounds shallow but it perks me up. Buy something silky for yourself, something the partner will like. It doesn’t have to be pricy French lingerie, just something pretty that makes you feel womanly. Don’t hide the curves, even if they’ve grown more padded with age. Watch something racy, something you wouldn’t watch while the kids are awake. And say what you want. If I could go back to my twenties, knowing what I know, I wouldn’t. I was a shy pushover then. Now I’m not afraid to say, “Not there…here.”

I’m also a big proponent of the touchie-feelie stuff. After 20 odd years of being together, hubby and I still make sure to indulge in a little ass grab or sly kiss. Intimate touches are so important to maintaining and rekindling relationships. Give him one of those penetrating, sizzling looks we always read about! It works wonders.

We need to be our wonderful selves and embrace our inner yummy mummy. Or our inner yummy single woman. Whatever we are. It’s all good.

And smile. Aren’t we looking delicious today?

A head full of heroes

I used to be a one book woman. Nothing could ever drag my attention away from my current work in progress. The hero and the potential plot, I write with vague ideas so the plot is as much a mystery to me as it is to you, consumed my every waking minute.

I have met writers who have a dozen things on the go at once and could never understand how they did it, I’m looking at you Sofia Grey. My heroes don’t share. They demand my full attention. Some of them even refuse to vacate my head at the end of the book and whine that they want another one.

Writing one book at a time was clean, crisp and organised. Write the book, edit the book, submit the book, start the next one. A winning formula. If you write a dozen at once you are in danger of shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. The characters blend. The plot ideas get lost. And nothing gets finished as you poke and prod at each without making any tangible process . . . or so I thought.

So, why then when I look at my study whiteboard do I see the following list?


Furry Jack


Innocence Comes to Call



Yes, ladies, and gentleman that may sneak in, six…not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six, bloody six works in progress at one time. What the fuck was I thinking?

To be fair two of them I am co-authoring. I write my bit and pass the baby back to my writing partner and hope to God they take their time writing their section so I can do something on my other projects.

I have had to prioritise what I am working on. One is on hold while I wait to see if anyone will pick up the first book in the series. Two others are on hold until I get finished with everything else so that leaves three. Two I’ve already covered as being co-authored and the third? The third is Innocence Comes to Call. For those who enjoyed my Reigning Men Series you might like this one. It’s a spin off. Stripper Chad is the hero, Male Review the venue, and comic relief is provided by Patrick Monaghan, younger brother to Michael. And yes Michael gets a small part.

Shut up, Michael. I never said your part was small… no one who has seen you strip would ever say that!

So, fingers crossed I get time to write some more so that I can get it finished and then I can reduce the number of heroes in my head. It’s getting very crowded in there.

Guest Blogger Shyla Colt with a giveaway!

Hello friends!

We are so pleased to welcome author Shyla Colt to the lounge today. Shyla is a lovely lady and the author of some very sexy literature. And what could be sexier than a pair of healing hands? Shyla is going to take over and tell us a little bit about her version of healing. To top it off, she’s doing a fun giveaway as well. Welcome, Shyla!

Healing is Sexy

First of all I want to thank the lovely ladies of Lust, love and Laptops for having me over. Now as is my style I have to mix the heat with sweet. It’s how I roll. *laughs.  To me there’s nothing sexier than getting down and very dirty with someone who knows you inside and out. When there’s nothing to hide the things you can pull out of each other are mind blowing. Because the bond between two people, their personal connection is what elevates the act of love making to a cosmic explosion

*raises hands in the air.  I’ll admit is I’m a sucker for a story that’s steeped in healing, and my hero Julian was in need of a healthy dose of that. Badly scarred in a fire that took his families lives and nearly his own he’s given up on love. While most of us have scars that aren’t so literal they hurt just the same. The one that got away that we compared every other person to, the one we trusted who cheated on us, or perhaps it’s our own mind playing tricks on us. Telling us we aren’t good enough, or thin enough. Each of us has something to overcome. It’s my belief real love helps us jump over those hurtles.  I put pieces of myself in every book that I write, but those that deal with healing always seem to pull a bit more.

My stories are a place to explore my insecurities, past and present, as well as hurtful events that’ve occurred in the past. I guess you could say writing is therapeutic, and a lot cheaper than a shrink. *winks.  I’d like to think that comes across to the reader. Have you ever read a book that hit home? Stirred a feeling of kinship in you so tangible you swore the character was real, or at the least based on a person you knew? I love that feeling. It’s a prominent theme throughout Sorrow’s Muse. So, if you’re looking for love on a deeper level this one’s for you.

Shyla Colt is a sassy stay at home mom who lives in Southern California with her Marine husband and two tiny tots. When she’s not crafting, teaching Abc’s, or playing make believe, she writes full time, and works a job in the publishing industry. As you can tell she thinks sleep is overrated.

A fan of romance from the moment she picked up her first paranormal romance at thirteen, she strives to provide you with stories that bring the heat, make you fall in love with the characters, and show the power of true love. She invites you to come and get lost in her world.

Comment Below for a chance to win a copy of Sorrow’s Muse answer this question .What happened to Julian when he was a child?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00074]


Sorrow’s Muse

Muses aren’t supposed to fall in love with the humans they inspire.

But Colette was never one for rules so she strikes a deal with the goddess of love. She has one year on earth to tell Julian what she truly is. Then he must make his choice, her or his talent.

Badly scarred in a fire that took his entire family Julian Sorrow is bitter and twisted by rejection and ridicule. Convinced his ability to make music is all he has to offer he’s given up on love.  Can the sexy, mysterious new neighbor, Colette Starvos change that?


The conversation continued to flow as they took turns popping their bags in the microwave and salting and seasoning the puffy yellow kernels they placed in a large bowl. Grabbing two colas, they headed out to the living room. They were halfway through Sweet Home Alabama when she slipped his arm around her shoulder. She turned her head to inhale the delicious scent that wafted off him. The warmth of his body heated her flesh and woke her desire. Colette leaned in and nipped at his ear. Her nipples hardened against the rough lace of her bra. He moaned, a deep, guttural sound that went straight to her core. The pressure built, and she sucked the fleshy bottom of his ear into her mouth.

“What are you doing?”

“Making out—less talking, more kissing.”

She blazed a trail of kisses down his neck, spanning his chest with her hand as she admired his sleek build. He turned his head and captured her lips. Their tongues clashed. A pleased purr rumbled in her chest. Colette rose onto her knees and climbed into his lap, placing one leg on either side of his body. His cock pushed up against her in greeting, tempting her eager fingers. Her white skirt with a pastel flower scene flowed around them. She placed her hands on his shoulders and rocked forward, then backward, in a slow motion that pressed him against her engorged clit at just the right angle. His cock twitched, elongated, and swelled. God, he’s thick! She needed more contact.

“Touch me, Jay.” The nickname rolled off her tongue.

His breath caressed her neck as he leaned in to place tiny kisses on her pulse point and massage her lush mounds. “Like this?”

“Yes!” The feel of his hands moving over her was exquisite. He explored her with slow, thorough sweeps. His long, artistic fingers pinched her nipples, rolling them as he continued to grind up into her.

“You’re so wet, Col. I can feel you through my pants. You like what I’m doing to you, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

He gripped her hips and swiveled in a circle. “How about this?”

Moisture flooded her panties, warm and sticky. Her breath came in pants as she edged closer and closer to the edge. So much for being the seducer. He might be slow to start, but when he did, he brought his A game. Her body trembled as he pushed her closer to her peak.

“I’m so close, Jay.”

“Let go, baby. Let me give you this,” he whispered against her lips.

He lined his length up with her cleft, surged forward once, twice, and she exploded. Her eyes clenched shut. She cried out and clutched her skirt as waves of pleasure washed over her. Spent, she slumped against his shoulder as she came down from her high. All this from no skin-to-skin contact!

Instead of sating her lust, it had ramped it up higher.

“I was supposed to be seducing you,” she whispered, her face on his shoulder.

“You succeeded. Watching you come apart in my arms, knowing I’m the cause, is satisfying to me.”

He placed a sweet kiss on her forehead, and she fell just a bit more in love with him. She wanted to move forward in their relationship, bring him pleasure the same way he’d given to her so selflessly. Colette ran her fingers over the soft material of his shirt and peered up into his eyes.

“I want to make you feel good too.”

“You don’t have to do that—”

“Shh, I want to.” She scooted off his legs and knelt in front of him on the couch. His eyes were wide and his body shook as she unbuttoned the top of his pants and pulled the zipper down millimeter by millimeter, giving him plenty of time to call a halt to her progress. “I’ve dreamed about touching you, tasting you, for so long now it’s become an obsession.”

She looked up to make eye contact. His muscles were tense. His eyes were filled with worry and an expectation of disappointment that made her almost sick to her stomach. He is beautiful, damn it! She wanted him to realize it.

“The man who didn’t know I was alive, the hints I dropped none too covertly. It’s always been you, Jay.”

“Me—but why?”

She gave him a gentle smile. “Because you ask questions like that, which make you even sexier than you already are.”

She freed him from his cloth prison, and he sprang forth, quivering with anticipation. He was thick, long, and growing. His skin was discolored and uneven here like the rest of his body, but she made a show of
being nonchalant. She bent down to lick the damp tip, and he twitched, offering up more liquid goodness. He was salty with a hint of pineapple that made her core throb. He’d been thinking about this just as much as she had.

“You taste better than ambrosia.”

Colette teased him with delicate flicks of her tongue as she learned his flavor and his hot spots. The prominent vein that ran down the underside of his shaft made him jerk and hiss. She returned to it often, following it like a road map as she gripped his base and marveled at the ten inches she held in her hand. She sucked him deep into her mouth and brought her hand up to meet her lips.

“Oh God, Colette!”

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You can find Shyla on the web in the following places

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/authorshyla.colt?fref=ts

Twitter @shylacolt

Website: www.shylacolt.com

Blog: www.shylacoltsstraightshot.wordpress.com

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGltBdhb47s&feature=youtu.be

Interview with Georgia Woods

Today on the purple crush velvet couch I have one of my favourite people, Georgia Woods, executive editor with Liquid Silver Books. Georgia was just leaving my first publishers as I arrived and everyone only ever had good things to say about her. I was very disappointed not to have had the chance to work with her. So, when she came back to Liquid Silver Books after they published some of my books I was very excited. I have to say the good things people said didn’t do her justice they weren’t complimentary enough. She is an absolute dream to work with.

Lillian: Your official title at Liquid Silver Books is Executive Editor, even though you like to refer to yourself as mother hen when you talk about your role with authors. I think cat herder is probably more accurate J

Georgia: LOL!  You could be right, but most of the time it isn’t quite that disorganized. At least most of the cats want to go in the same direction most of the time. 

It’s funny—I always say mother hen because I see myself standing my new authors up on the edge of the nest, and I have my arms out to keep them from falling back into the nest.  They have their wings ready to fly, and I’m cheering them on.  Occasionally, I’ll have one or two who can’t seem to make the leap, and then I shove them off like any good mother should, because while they may not believe it until they do it, I KNOW they can fly.  I totally believe in them.  And God forbid anyone mess with my chicks!  LOL!  But yes, that’s where the Mother Hen comes from.

Lillian: So, tell me, what was your path to Executive Editor?

Georgia: I have held a lot of different jobs over the years, nurse’s aide, secretary, artist, cake decorator, IT manager, small business owner, and then retired from law enforcement, so I’ve had a very widely varied working life.  I’ve always thrived on learning new skills and being in a position to use them all.  But I’ve been a romance reader all my life, so books, and especially romance books, have been a thread throughout.  I started on the business end of publishing as a proofreader right here at Liquid Silver Books.  I worked my way up through the ranks at several of the major ebook publishers to Senior Editor, Author Development Manager, Acquiring Editor, and Managing Editor for Romance and Women’s Fiction.  Then Liquid Silver CEO Mike Feury made me an offer I couldn’t refuse in January of 2012, so here I am back where I started.  And I’m thrilled.  I’ve always had a special place in my heart for LSB, and I have to admit I love my job, I love the folks I work with, and I love our authors to pieces.  I stomp and growl when things go wrong, but I’m grinning behind the scenes at how lucky I am to be working in a field so near and dear to my heart and for a company I believe in.

 Lillian: What exactly does an Executive Editor do?

Georgia: Well, it’s a mix of things, but generally whatever isn’t someone else’s responsibility falls to me.  LOL!  The basic job description is that I’m responsible for what’s inside our books.  I get to be involved in a lot of different processes, and I have a lot of responsibility, but I also have outstanding coworkers, especially our team in the acquisitions and editorial sides of the house.  In one week, I can find myself hiring and training editorial staff, teaching craft classes to authors and aspiring authors, recruiting authors and staff, setting editorial policy and handling contracts, putting together PR budgets and convention trips, to sweeping the floors and locking up after everyone goes home.  🙂 But that’s the beauty of the job – there are a lot of very different skills involved, so I’m always excited to come to work, interested in what I’m doing, and rarely bored.  And I get paid to read!  That’s the best part.

Lillian: Even though I am sure you are not always the right person to approach, I know if I have a problem with anything writing or publishing related, you are always happy to listen and help with a solution.  Other authors have told me when they have an issue with an editor or something, they are worried to say anything in case they get a bad reputation. How important do you think it is that people feel they can approach you and not be taken lightly or castigated for it?

Georgia: I think it’s one of the most crucial parts of my job.  There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling powerless, and if the author thinks it’s important, then it’s important to me.  I will always listen, and no one will ever be ridiculed or their concerns taken lightly.  My door is always open, and I am always available to authors via email or Skype or phone.  Misunderstandings are inherent in the medium, this virtual world we live and work in, and situations escalate because you can’t see facial expressions or read intentions via email.  I’d much rather someone ask a question or send me a concern than for the situation to continue or even escalate when a simple explanation could clear the whole thing up.  The bad reputation worry is totally a non-issue—if there’s a conflict, it needs to be settled for everyone involved.

Lillian: Since you took over the role at LSB, there have been lots of changes. Can you tell us what the driving force is behind that and where you see things heading in the future?

Georgia: The driving force behind us is growth, expansion, and sales—making LSB the best romance epublisher it can be, as simple as that.  We have very high goals for this company, and the owners are stellar.  They sat down, put a team together they felt could take them where they wanted to go, and then sat back and gave us the freedom and tools to do it.  Every one of us on staff has a lot of years in business and in epublishing, and we decided the best way to get where we need to go would be to analyze all the processes, only keep those that work, and start over from scratch.  It’s been hectic, confusing, and painful on occasion, even scary at times, but I’m convinced there was no other way to do it.  We did our research and our homework, we built it back lean and smart, and I think the best is yet to come.

Lillian: One of the things I love about being part of LSB is the sense of being part of a huge family. How important do you think that is, and is it something you plan to maintain as you get bigger?

Georgia: LSB has always been like a family, and their support is why they have always been so special to me and why I’ve always kept my ties here open.  A strong sense of family is the bedrock upon which I’m made and I work, and it will never go away as long as I’m involved.  I have never been one of those “it’s not personal, it’s business” folks.  For me, it’s personal, it’s part of who I am, it’s what I believe in, and LSB is people I know and love working with.  Together we are building something we can be proud of.  It’s personal.  Sometimes I don’t have time to be as chatty as I want to be with everyone, but I will never be all business and that’s okay with me.  I’m comfortable fixing problems, giving advice, and doling out hugs in equal measure.

Lillian: When you are not being the Executive Editor, what do you like to do with your free time?

Georgia: That’s a good question, especially since I don’t have a lot of free time!  LOL!  I love to travel with my husband—he’s like one of those alpha guys in the romance books we read, retired military, doesn’t say much, but growls a lot.  LOL!  We like to take short weekend getaway trips together, quiet stuff like cabins in the mountains, or walks on the beach.  I also enjoy spending time with family, crocheting, cooking, building furniture, reading, lots of the same things everyone else likes to do.  I’m an NRA certified firearms instructor, and I also enjoy shooting sports of all kinds.  I like to shoot holes in paper targets, and I call it gunpowder therapy.  Great for stress relief.

Lillian: What is the best thing about your job?

Georgia: Getting paid to read smokin’ hot books, hands down.

Okay, now some questions just for fun.

Sex or chocolate?

Both, at the same time.  Body heat and chocolate can lead to some very interesting situations.

 Do you prefer your men in boxers or briefs?

I just prefer men.  I don’t care how they are dressed because I don’t plan to keep them dressed for long.

Editing or writing?

Oh, now that’s one of those secret yearning things.  Can you see me shaking my “you naughty girl” finger at you?  My heart lies with both, but if I had to give up one, I’d keep writing.  I still like to edit a manuscript every now and again, but as things settle into place at LSB, I’m finding time to write again and realize how much I missed it.  I don’t think I’ll ever give that up.

Thanks for playing along. 🙂

Thanks for having me!  But I’m feeling sort of cheated because Jennifer got male strippers and I didn’t.  Solid proof—while the cat herder’s away, the mice are playing.  Bah-humbug!  I’m always working, and I miss all the fun!

I will definitely arrange male strippers next time.

Food of Love

Yes, I’m a romance author. Yes, I love food. But let’s be honest…is food really the way to a man’s heart?

I can’t speak for men out there, but I will admit that a nicely grilled steak makes me go all mushy inside. Case in point, as a belated Valentine’s Day dinner the hubby took me to Applebee’s last weekend. My steak was grilled to perfection. Perhaps not as well-done as I usually like it, but at least it didn’t moo. (Please don’t just wipe the cow’s ass, trot it across the grill, and try to put it on my plate!) My dinner practically melted in my mouth, it was that yummy. To make it even better, we got bumped up in the wait list, had our food delivered before anyone else, and it was delicious to boot. Meanwhile, the two guys sitting behind us had waited almost two hours and had yet to be served. We were in, served, and walking out the door just a little over an hour. Kudos to us! The poor men sitting behind us ended up leaving empty-bellied.

Now the point to all of this is I love steak. Like really, really love steak. Sirloin, ribeye, T-bone. I’m a fan of them all. Sadly I can’t grill to save my life, but I’m a marinade aficionado. Give me a bottle of Dale’s, a peppercorn grinder, and a few more random ingredients and I’m good to go. For this week’s post, I want to know…what meal makes you drool?