I wouldn’t call it “switching” exactly…

Shifter's Song by Vanessa North

Shifter’s Song by Vanessa North

With my first M/M book, “Shifter’s Song” due out in about a month, I have a lot of people asking me questions about why or how I “switched” to writing gay fiction. The fact is, I love all romances and love stories. I didn’t switch to writing gay fiction, I just added it to my repertoire. I still write M/F and menage romances as well, and I don’t plan to stop!

Why? because not all love stories are heterosexual love stories, or even stories between only two people. My first novel, Amazon, involved a love story between a bisexual woman and a straight man. Her recent relationship with another woman affected their romance. The very first love scene in the book was between two women.  This was the story I wanted to tell, and Bianca and Sara’s relationship was as important to the story as Bianca and Jack’s!

I wrote several M/F romances, but then I turned to write Edouard Bonsaint’s story. And Eddie is gay. No question about it. I knew from the moment he first appeared in Shifter’s Dance: Edouard likes men.  And that was that. I needed to find the man of Eddie’s dreams for him (and boy, I can’t wait for everyone to meet sweet, sexy songbird shifter Lincoln!).

I’ve since written two more M/M novellas, more M/F stories, and next I’m turning my hand to M/M/F menage.

As for the how? Well, it’s pretty simple. The relationship is greater than the sum of the characters’ parts. It’s about the emotions and the bond between them. The sexual expression of the relationship is just one side of that. I love writing love stories from perspectives different from my own, and I especially love writing from a male POV! It gives me a chance to delve into all kinds of relationships and stories, and really stretch myself as a writer!

Are you a reader or writer of GLBT as well as heterosexual romance? I’d love to hear your story also! Writers, have you had a character come out to you while you were writing like Eddie did with me? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “I wouldn’t call it “switching” exactly…

  1. Great post, V! The cover for Shifter’s Song is HOT! Anyway, I love to read all kinds of romance. I’m new to the M/M genre – and haven’t tried my hand at writing any – but I’ve found I enjoy reading it. 😉 And I am definitely looking forward to reading Eddie and Lincoln’s story!!


  2. Hey, V. Great post.

    In my Gooden & Knight paranormal mystery series, I have an M/M couple, both humans, who are secondary and continuing characters in the series. They are an important part of that series, but their intimate relationship does not take center stage. However, they do tease each other with sexy talk and pretty much act like most committed couples. I tried to show that love transcends gender.

    When I started writing the series (back in 2004), I hadn’t planned on making Abbie Gooden’s secretary gay. But I’d had a male legal secretary (he was deceased by then ). He sort of popped into my head and asked me to put him in the book. He’d been in the military during the time of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” In the book, I gave him a military background in special forces and gave him a male lover with a similar background. Daniel and Van are two of my favorite secondary characters.


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