Time to put your big girl panties on

Some things in life can’t be avoided, even if they scare the crap out of you. This year I have decided it’s time to tackle my biggest fear of all. What is it you ask? And if you didn’t I’m going to tell you anyway.  Snakes, they’re scary, but no. Crocodiles, not keen, but no. Bungy Jumping, never tried it and never going to, but no. Marketing.

If you’re one of the four people who’ve read my book Go With the Flo, firstly thank you, and secondly where do you think the idea came from? Who was the girl who couldn’t sell Avon? It might have been me. Yep, back in the day I was an Avon lady trailing door to door. I never had a gorgeous male best friend whose laughter was pure erotic vocal foreplay, I may never have dipped my toe in the pool of sexual delights. Hey, don’t judge me I was only fourteen. However there might have been a Friday night flasher and I definitely couldn’t have sold a life raft to a drowning man. Apparently, you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to, is not the way to close a sale.

So, what does all this have to do with me now that I am no longer fourteen, my toes have been drowned in the pool and I have handed in my Avon badge?

Well, shock horror, as part of my day job as an accountant I am required to win new business and authors have to help sell books.

Given a choice between standing up on stage and singing, or presenting some dry training, and standing in a room full of strangers with a business card in one hand and a glass of wine in the other I would choose the stage every time.

I have the same fear about marketing online. I worry that I am offensive. Which is funny because I often set out to be when I am not selling. But I don’t want to be the author everyone unfriends on Facebook for only sending spam, or rolls their eyes at when a new email lobs up in their inbox. I want to win friends and fans gently. So, I devised a cunning plan.

I will market come hell or high water but I will be subtle. To begin with I joined this group of lovely ladies because it’s less scary when you are with others. Secondly, I joined lots of blog hops because who can be offended when I am offering free prizes? And lastly, I decided to ask some great people to be my guest on the purple crushed velvet couch. I may not be selling directly but people may begin to recognise the name and wonder who the hell I am. Besides, interviewing some of your best friends and authors who give you a real fangirl moment when they say yes to your request to ask lots of probing questions is no real hardship.

I think I might even grow to like this marketing gig.

Be sure to check out our new coming soon page to see who I am interrogating and all the other lovely things we have planned.

And you can still add comments to yesterday’s post to win prizes in the Heartbreaker’s Blog Hop.

2 thoughts on “Time to put your big girl panties on

  1. I’m with ya, Lillian. I like the gentle approach to marketing also. So here I am with all you lovely and talented ladies. Oh, potential fans and readers out there, I’ve read books by all these ladies and they are talented and I know they are lovely people since they asked me to play with them. So, please buy their books (and one of mine while you’re at it). Hugs.


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