My strange loves

As my mother will tell you, I’ve had a few crushes in my time. Some stranger than others.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as much attracted to beauty as the next girl. A handsome, buff gentleman brushes past me, and my head turns. It’s a given.

However, sometimes the objects of my affection are a little odd, at least in my opinion. I’ll list a few here and you can tell me if you share these passions, or if you think I’d be better off wearing a straightjacket.

1) Ron Weasley. More particularly, Rupert Grint, who plays Ron in the Harry Potter movies. There’s just something about this gangly redhead with the big lips and infectious grin. I think he’s brilliant in the role, and I’d really like to, ahem, corrupt the boy. He needs a steadfast, older woman in his life, don’t you think?

2) Napoleon Dynamite. I know, I know. This is definitely strange. However, Napoleon is a true rebel. He doesn’t care what others think of him. He wears his moon boots with pride. I love his unruly curls and I also love tater tots. Perhaps I’ll just teach him not to store them in his pocket…

3) George Hamilton in “Love at First Bite.” Does anyone remember how hot Georgie-boy was in this Dracula parody? Does anyone other than me actually remember this movie at all? I’m pretty sure this crush marked the beginning of my love for vampires in pop culture. He was the first sexy vamp, according to me. I was never a Christopher Lee fan…he was too scary to love. George was suave, tanned and wore that cloak well.

4) Nutella. Enough said. You didn’t think I could compile a list of my strange loves without it, did you?

5)  Simon le Bon from Duran Duran. Now, I didn’t think this love was strange when I was 15, but now I sure do. What was I thinking? He can’t sing and is a womanizer by all accounts. And clearly John Taylor was always the cutest member of the band, or maybe Roger Taylor, I don’t know. I’ve gotten so old, I can barely recall. Where’s my Nutella and my blankie?

Tell me about your strange loves! Please share so I don’t feel so odd. There must be others like me out there…anyone? Anyone?

20 thoughts on “My strange loves

    • Melissa, thanks for making me feel normal! LOL. I LOVE redheads! The redder the better! And geeks, well, don’t even get me started…thanks for joining me!


  1. I totally get you about George Hamilton in Love at First Bite. Great movie. Can’t say much for George otherwise, but he was pretty hot in a quirky sort of way in that movie. Frank Langella as Dracula though? Move over George, because there’s a *real* hottie!


    • Ooh, Michelle- yes, Frank Langella!! I contemplated adding him, but he’s not strange to me- he’s just superhot! I loved him in that movie. Well, in anything. Thanks for commenting!


  2. I really dug Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator as Commodus, so there’s a strange love for you even though he is what I’d call good-looking. Yes, he’s a sister-loving paranoid lunatic in that role, but I found him strangely attractive in that movie in spite of him being a coward and selfish baddie. *hangs head* I have a thing for villains (and apparently even unredeemable ones). Maybe it was because he seemed very intense?


    • Ezra!! OMG, I loved him too, although Russell claimed my heart more fully. I think we always want to redeem the baddie. And you had to feel for Commodus too- he was a product of his very weird environment. If I ever had the chance to visit ancient Rome, boy, I think I’d take a pass…thanks for commenting!


  3. I’m just going to pretend that you didn’t say Simon can’t sing and focus on your love of Nutella because Simon is my one and only deity. Even now I fall at his feet, melt at his voice, swoon with just one look… ::sigh::


    • Oh, Em! The teenager in me can’t blame you! I did love him fiercely once. I was convinced he’d find my brace-wearing, pimply self and fall in love. Perhaps my current distaste for Simon stems from the fact that he didn’t seem to know how glorious I was!! LOL.


  4. Okay, I loved George Hamilton in Love at First Bite. I saw it when it first came out — and Rosanna you aren’t old enough to remember that — or you had to be a little kid. Sheesh. I mean Susan St. James was in that movie — of McMillan and Wife fame — loved McMillan and Wife even though Rock liked guys better than girls in real life – he and Susan played a convincing older man-younger wife couple, lots of kissing and snuggling and sexual innuendo on that show – but I digress.

    Now, who was my odd fantasy love? Hmmm, let me see — there were so many of them. Um, William Dafoe — he plays the oddest characters but there is just something about him that makes me think that he could go all night and make his lady feel very very good. I think he looked the hottest in the Tom Clancy movie with Harrison Ford, Clear and Present Danger. Yep, I’d do Dafoe in a hot NY Minute.


      • I like Willem Dafoe and actively seek out movies that he’s in when I see one that interests me. Plus, I totally agree he is attractive. But my image of him was forever changed when I saw him castrated in one movie and it was like, whoa the Goblin’s getting castrated and they’re showing EVERYTHING. Did I really just see that? LOL I’m not sure if they used a look-alike for the nude scenes but if not, Dafoe was looking great in 2009….before the castration scene, anyway (poor Goblin). That was not one of the best movies I’ve seen him in, but it was…interesting to see him playing a therapist with a (maybe) demon wife, to say the least. It was a “what is going on???!!” type of movie from start to finish. He is an actor who takes risks!


      • Hi Ezra. Yes, Willem is awesome- loved him ever since he died in Platoon. He is a warped, and I do like that. Didn’t see the castration scene…and don’t think I’ll look for it, thanks! LOL


  5. Ok you are totally going to think me odd. I used to watch old movies with mom …and totally fell in love with Tony Curtis and Mario Lanza. When they were young they were both to die for …Mario had a tenor that I think is better than Pavarotti . My other love was Martial arts movies…I mean Bruce Lee ..hallo that man was built.

    Um if you are young you may not even know who I am talking about….

    btw I too went to see the Love at First Bite in the theatre when it first came out 🙂 and Rock Hudson even tho he swung for the other team was a major babe!


    • t’irla…I understand you. Just the other day, I was commenting to someone about how hot Tony Curtis was…even Stoney Curtis was hot! And Mario Lanza, well, say no more! I am an old musical lover, so you and I agree there. Rock was also a beautiful man. Of all the old stars, I loved those three, as well as Jimmy Stewart (sigh) and Errol Flynn (hello!). Thanks for joining the insanity!


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