It’s official…

my mind is empty.

The last few weeks I have had several things suddenly appear on my “to be written” schedule.

So of course, this is the exact time that my mind goes completely empty. I mean the full nine yards, tumble weed, wind whistling through, the lot.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to get the old creative juices flowing but so far, nothing doing.

Does your muse ever go on holiday, and forget to tell you?

What do you do when that happens? Seriously any advise would be gratefully received.

I have sat in front of computer screens, surfed the net, day dreamed everything and the most creative thing I have come up with in the last fortnight?  This post…… see told you….

What is a writer to do when she can’t write? Well to be honest I have no idea, I don’t even have an idea for that….. *sigh*

What inspires you? Anything specific?

Until next time…remember… no matter what you think, your Dom/me will never run out of new and inspiring ways to punish you….heh…


7 thoughts on “It’s official…

  1. Ignore your muse’s sulk.. It’ll get over it. Eat chocolate, play with my web and shout at arrogant idiots who don’t follow the rules. The muse will soon be back, nicely tanned ( from the sun not a paddle), and you’ll be wishing it to on a go slow…


  2. Um, sleep? I always think of more things than I can write in that half-awake, half-asleep stage – you know the one – right before you drift off to sleep and right when you wake up and the alarm hasn’t gone off yet (I always wake up before the alarm no matter when it is set for) and you know you can sleep, sort of, for a few more minutes. This is when I dream books and I have a notebook full of plot ideas to prove it. Good luck, kiddo.

    Oh and I’ve heard hugs from your writing friends help also. 🙂 Just kidding. But you are so gonna get hugs at RT. Just wait.


  3. Oh wow! Someone answer this please because it is so me, right now. The creative juices ought to be flowing after a new release but this well gone completely dry. Let’s be fair, it was only a trickle anyway!


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