To My Valentine

Parnell Apts 925 Ridgewood #4Luck of the draw and all that, I got Valentine’s Day for my blogging day. I pondered and pondered and pondered even more about what to write.

I finally decided to dedicate this blog to my Valentine — my husband of 40 years, Tom.

I still remember our first Valentine’s Day together — February 14, 1971. We were Freshmen at Purdue-Ft. Wayne and had been dating seriously since about mid-Fall Term. For me, it had been love at first sight. I think it took him a bit longer, but by that first Valentine’s Day we were definitely “a couple.” I knew this was the man I wanted to grow old with. He was (and is) super-intelligent, funny, and sexy in that subtle, sneak up on you, way really smart guys have. And he liked me — a lot.

His gifts to me that year were an Elton John album (yes, album, it was 1971 and iTunes was a long way away) and an oil burning lamp from Spencer’s Gifts. The oil was strawberry and red and really smelled, but totally appropriate as a Valentine’s gift. The album was “Tumbleweed Connection.” I still have the album and can’t recall what I did with the lamp, but I am sure it traveled with me to our first apartment when we got married in the Fall of 1972 (see wedding pic above). My smart guy didn’t mess around, and I was thrilled that the man I loved, loved me. We got married by a Justice of the Peace on a weekend in October, and he had a Physical Chemistry test at 8 a.m. the following Monday. Our wedding cost us the price of the license – $5. The JP was up for re-election and performed the wedding ceremony for free to get our vote. It worked for us. We never had a real honeymoon. We didn’t miss one. We had each other and plans for our future.

We’ve had a lot of Valentine’s Days since then (quick subtraction here, but, um, 42 total). The gifts and celebrations got more elaborate, but my love for him never changed, except maybe to grow stronger.

Tom is the love of my life, my partner, my lover, the father of our wonderful son, my friend, and my soul mate. Yes, there were hard times, but they have been far out-weighed by the good. So, Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband Tom. I love you, baby. Always have and always will.

Here’s hoping you are spending the day with the love of your life.

8 thoughts on “To My Valentine

    • See, I knew love at first sight was not uncommon. Glad you found your love, too, Lillian. We had an eventful day – he had his right eye cataract done. He was very brave and is getting a lot of kisses and TLC while he follows the doctor’s instructions to the letter. I’m putting in his eye drops for him. Hope your day was a bit more romantic than mine. But I like taking care of him and he likes being taken care of — so that works for us. Hugs.


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