The greatest Valentine’s prezzie ever?

Disclaimer: If you are my mother, my mother-in-law, or any other person who may feel even the slightest bit awkward reading about potentially sexually related topics where Mr. Mancini and I are concerned…you may want to skip this one.


The sweetest day of the year has just gone by. It’s a day for new loves to share how deep their affections run and old loves show each other the spark is still there.

Chocolates, flowers, and candlelit dinners are the usual go-to gifts. Perhaps a soft and cuddly teddy bear…or just a sexy teddy…to make your loved one feel special.

Or, if you are my husband, a gift certificate to the sex toy shop.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against gift certificates or sex toy shops. I just didn’t know this kind of gift certificate was available. I’d never considered asking the clerk at the store where we shop and had never noticed signage offering this particular service.

Of course, I hadn’t ever looked. That’s not the type of gift you buy your BFF for her birthday, is it?

I’m fond of gift certificates because I’m quite picky about my purchases (and not just of the sexual kind) so this will get used, as do all my other gift certificates, on a little something I’ve had my eye on for some time.

No, I’m not telling you what it is.

But you can tell me…What is the most unique or WTF present you’ve ever gotten?




6 thoughts on “The greatest Valentine’s prezzie ever?

  1. Oh Emilia. Mr Mancini sounds like an awesome guy. That’s a good gift! Worst I ever received was from a dear relative who seemed to think I enjoyed wearing the clothes of a great-grandmother. She purchased (at a high cost, probably) an entire ensemble that had embroidered giraffes all over it. Pants, blouse and matching vest. The worst part was that my hubby’s gran owns the same outfit. I couldn’t even hide my horror when I opened the gift. I fought not to cry, thanked her, and asked if she’d mind if I did an exchange because it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. She never bought me clothes again. Gift cards are a blessing.


    • Mr. Mancini’s grandmother bought me maternity underwear for our first “family” Christmas. I think it was a jab because we were expecting prior to marriage. I opened it and was promptly instructed to show everyone else in the room what I got. Ahh, thanks, grandma.


  2. I think the GC sounds like a good idea at least you can shop for something you want and together. Rosanna I laughed so hard about the giraffes 😀
    When I was first married for my birthday my husband bought me an electric rice cooker/vegetable steamer, when I questioned him about it he told me it was so I could steam vegetables for the diet I said I was going to go on. Part of me was really annoyed and part couldn’t believe that he listened enough to remember that


    • Oh, wow, LOL! I was about to ask if you hit him, but if you told him you wanted to go on a diet, at least it was a prementioned intention. I may have taken it personally had my man bought me something to go on a diet had I not suggested it first.


  3. Okay, this is so not fair. Em, you have to tell us what you bought with the gift certificate. I mean, how will we other sex toy consumers know what to buy if you don’t tell us what you got and how well it worked? … or not?

    Consider it a public service, consumer testing and all. The Emilia Mancini Seal of Approval.

    If I received a gift certificate to a sex toy shop and bought something, I’d share. Well, not the toy, but the name of it and how it worked or not. Sharing sex toys is not hygienic at all.

    I know, put it into one of your books and then tell me which book and I will find out that way. 🙂


    • Moni, Moni, Moni!! You naughty girl! LOL You know what I really need? A locking bedside table. The kids are getting older, the toys are getting bolder, and one of these days I’m gonna have some seriously uncomfortable questions to answer. But besides that, have you seen those electro wand things? You know, like those big balls at the museum that you put your hands on and your hair stands straight up from the static? (Be nice, I’m still recoverying, I don’t have all my brain cells turned back on yet!) Anyway, they sell hand wands with those at the sex stores now. I think somebody needs to check that out and report back to us.


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