World Building and Why I Love It – Lynn Lorenz

tnAvalonPatrol1 I just love world buiding! Once I discovered I could create a world for my characters it was as if I’d been set free. (cue manical laughter) I could create a world where my rules ruled, so to speak, and my imagination wasn’t limited by the rules of this world.

So the very first book I wrote was a sweeping fantasy novel, The Avalon Patrol. I wanted a world where magic existed, and I blended that with cops, and a touch of historical, all elements I love to read. So I created a magical police force, called the Patrol, who were stationed at various grand houses in districts – from cities to rural areas. The first such district was rural, and the station was called Avalon – once a castle where knights of the realm defended their holdings and people with swords and shields.

But in my world, magic rose to prominence, and the two worlds, one magical and one mortal, split apart, creating “on world” and “off world.” These two worlds live in fear of each other and the portals between them are kept a secret to discourage anyone from crossing between them. Because the one world used magic, it stagnated, remaining the same for hundreds of years. The other world, the one without magic, grew and progressed using technology, a form of magic in its own right.

I wanted my world to be stratified, much like England in the 1800’s, with titles and commoners. Everyone can do magic, or basic magic, but advanced magic was kept to the upper class and to the Patrol. You had to afford to learn the good stuff, much like it is here. He with the money gets the goodies.

So my patrollers are trained in magic, but even among them, only the inspectors can use their wands to kill. And that’s where I started my book, The Road to Avea, with Inspector Stefan Bane being forced to kill. Now killing someone isn’t easy, and for Stefan, a devout man, it’s especially hard. I decided I wanted the Patrol to be a calling, sort of like the priesthood, and very wrapped up in this world’s religion. They believe in One God, and that they are sworn into the patrol service to serve Him and their fellow citizens.

Sarah Tallow, Stefan’s love interest, has lived most of her life off world and she’s returned home to make a name for herself teaching a new way of fighting – physical combat, something unheard of on world. This girl knows how to kick ass, take names and figure it all out, until she comes up against Stefan. Their collision sets both of them back on their heels, wondering what the hell?

med_LockeBlade1 I had so much fun with this world, that I wrote about another district, Waterford, and about two male inspectors, Locke who’s reputation has been badly tarnished and Blade who has a huge stick up his ass. Locke and Blade takes the world of the patrol and expands it into another station and the men and women in it. These two men are meant for each other, if they don’t kill each other first.

I hope you’ll give my two books a whirl, and get lost in my world. The Road to Avea is a traditional het romance, and Lock and Blade is for my gay romance readers, but I hope, if you like one book, you’ll give the other a chance too.

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