Anthology Fun!

We have a cover! Beneath a Spring Moon releases April, 15, 2013, with Liquid Silver Publishing. I’m excited to be included with three other wonderful authors in this fun anthology:beneathaspringmoon Lynn Tyler, Nulli Para Ora, and Elle Rush! The cover is hot! All four short stories involve shifters, so if you love a good shifter…

My story is Tessa’s Wolf. If you’ve read any of my Wolf Masters series, you might recall that Tessa is the older sister of the four brothers featured in each of the four full-length books. To wrap up the series, I decided to go back and write this short story about Tessa. It’s a bit of a prequel. Tessa was already mated and had children before the first book came out.  Here’s a blurb about her sweet story:

Fate determines who a wolf-shifter’s mate is. Tessa just hopes she has enough time before she meets him to have her own life. She’s seen how it goes for her friends—each of them submitting to their mate and becoming consumed in their new life without ever looking back. That won’t be her.

Aaron Garrett is the new vet in town. New job. New home. New life. Although he wasn’t planning on meeting his mate, he’s ready to give in to fate the instant he scents her.

Unfortunately, Tessa’s determined to prove her will is stronger than the passion between them. To have her own life, she’s willing to fight Aaron, the heat between them, and fate itself.

But fate has a way of bending things to Her will…

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