Cracked–a cover reveal!

What a great week for covers at LL&L! Becca’s cover post yesterday was super hot–I can’t wait to read those sexy shorts!

Today’s post is a little bittersweet, because this is the last Ushers cover. Cracked is the conclusion to the trilogy. While I loved writing the Ushers, and am thrilled to see them all finally realized, it is a little sad to know this is the last time I’ll be getting an Ushers cover in my inbox.

One thing I’ve loved about this series has been working with “my” cover artist (look at me getting all grabby hands) to create a cohesive look for the entire trilogy. Moody, dark, but full of hope and romance. It’s been a wonderful experience from start to finish, and I think David has created the perfect expression of these characters.

With a great big shout-out to cover artist David Efaw, who has designed the entire series and done an amazing job, here’s the cover for Cracked:


The Ushers Book Three: Cracked

Cracked will be released March 1 by Musa Publishing, and will be available from all your favorite ebookstores. It’s available for pre-order from Musa Publishing here:

Pre-order Cracked through Musa Publishing

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