Food of Love

Yes, I’m a romance author. Yes, I love food. But let’s be honest…is food really the way to a man’s heart?

I can’t speak for men out there, but I will admit that a nicely grilled steak makes me go all mushy inside. Case in point, as a belated Valentine’s Day dinner the hubby took me to Applebee’s last weekend. My steak was grilled to perfection. Perhaps not as well-done as I usually like it, but at least it didn’t moo. (Please don’t just wipe the cow’s ass, trot it across the grill, and try to put it on my plate!) My dinner practically melted in my mouth, it was that yummy. To make it even better, we got bumped up in the wait list, had our food delivered before anyone else, and it was delicious to boot. Meanwhile, the two guys sitting behind us had waited almost two hours and had yet to be served. We were in, served, and walking out the door just a little over an hour. Kudos to us! The poor men sitting behind us ended up leaving empty-bellied.

Now the point to all of this is I love steak. Like really, really love steak. Sirloin, ribeye, T-bone. I’m a fan of them all. Sadly I can’t grill to save my life, but I’m a marinade aficionado. Give me a bottle of Dale’s, a peppercorn grinder, and a few more random ingredients and I’m good to go. For this week’s post, I want to know…what meal makes you drool?

5 thoughts on “Food of Love

  1. I’m with Robyn! Med-rare for me too. Pair it with a baked sweet potato and I’m a happy girl! And gelato. Love gelato…AFTER a tasty steak, of course!


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