Yummy mummies, anyone?

Today, I come to you a woman changed.

Over the weekend, my youngest son, the baby, the most recent flesh of my loins, turned 10. That’s right. 10 years old (stifles tear). And my eldest is turning 12 any day now.

I’ve become my mom. I remind young men to brush their teeth, to please not wear the same pair of socks for 42 hours straight, and to puh-lease shut the door and turn on the fan after they’ve forever marred our powder room.

I cook for my family and try to keep the house looking as if it doesn’t belong on one of those hoarders show. I budget. I shuttle children to spin class and gymnastics for boys (they rock, BTW).I work at a job outside the home and I write on top of it all. And it usually all gets done, although I am happy to take a pass on vacuuming any day…

All this craziness sometimes bursts my sexy bubble. It can take the yummy out of my mummy.

When does a busy lady find time and inclination for nookie? Is it possible that during the day-to-day, one can feel distinctly un-sexy? Uh, yeah, all day, most days. So how do we restore our yummy mumminess?

Well, reading our books helps. LOL No really, I get all flummoxed just writing them. Imagine when I really let go and READ one!!

I would also suggest sharing your steamy books with your significant other. The best compliment I ever had on one of my books was from a co-worker who said she read it with her hubby. He told her, after a night of passion, that it was the “best $5 they ever spent.” Gotta love that. Get the hubs involved! Recreate those passionate embraces!

Do I look the same as when I was 20? Nah. Do I act the same? Hell, no. Does my body still twist into crazy positions? Well, yeah, I try, but it sometimes hurts the next morning. I need to work harder at feeling sexy now. And for me that often means a break from the same-old.

There’s nothing more freeing and sexy than deviating from the routine. It adds a spark, a sense of the risque. And it doesn’t always mean getting your freaky on. It can be the little things that give you that spark of excitement.

Try a new lip color. It sounds shallow but it perks me up. Buy something silky for yourself, something the partner will like. It doesn’t have to be pricy French lingerie, just something pretty that makes you feel womanly. Don’t hide the curves, even if they’ve grown more padded with age. Watch something racy, something you wouldn’t watch while the kids are awake. And say what you want. If I could go back to my twenties, knowing what I know, I wouldn’t. I was a shy pushover then. Now I’m not afraid to say, “Not there…here.”

I’m also a big proponent of the touchie-feelie stuff. After 20 odd years of being together, hubby and I still make sure to indulge in a little ass grab or sly kiss. Intimate touches are so important to maintaining and rekindling relationships. Give him one of those penetrating, sizzling looks we always read about! It works wonders.

We need to be our wonderful selves and embrace our inner yummy mummy. Or our inner yummy single woman. Whatever we are. It’s all good.

And smile. Aren’t we looking delicious today?

2 thoughts on “Yummy mummies, anyone?

  1. This cracked me up! The sexiest thing for Mr. Mancini and me is having the house to ourselves. Who knew that being in a house without kids could be such an aphrodisiac but it does it every time.


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