When inspiration is hard to find….

Of late I have had a complete lack of inspiration. I can’t find anything I want to read and mostly when I’m not the computer I just mess around on the internet….

That was until last week, again I was messing about on the internet and a floated over to Pinterest.

What is Pinterest some of you might ask. Well it’s like a giant pinboard where you can collect images that you like, those images are then shared with other people on pinterest and theirs are shared with you and the creative love is passed around.

I have a couple of boards on there but haven’t really taken it that seriously. So when I clicked on the url, mostly because I didn’t have anything else to do, I was again uninspired by the images there. I decided to put in random search terms to see what came up..

I won’t lie, I can’t remember what the term was but an image came up and my muse sat up in its chair……then another random search term and yet more images came up….so I started a board for all these images…wanna see??  Ok, here you go…LINK……..

I actually love some of those images. But wait…that’s not all,  I’ve started one for Lilly….who’s Lilly? I hear you asked…well she works for Lucky…..and we all remember Lucky right…NO?? How can you forget this image?

Lucky's Charms Promo

See I knew you’d remember! Don’t forget Lucky and his Charms will be here real soon!

If you want to follow me on Pinterest, the link to my profile is HERE, let’s share some inspiration!

Is there any website, blog, pinterest board or image that is a source of inspiration for you? Share it and spread the creative love!

Until next time…..remember….Just because their not looking at you doesn’t mean your Dom/me don’t know exactly what you are doing….don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

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