Out of Sight and Driving Me Crazy

MP910218046Today is my day to blog.  Thank God for pre-scheduling since I am now in surgery to have my right eye cataract removed and a new, high-tech implantable lens inserted.  I had the left eye done last week on the 21st.  If all goes as is expected, I will be 20/20 vision with no astigmatisms for the first time in over 52 years.

I am excited. It will be nice to be able to go to sleep and wake up seeing the alarm clock without fumbling for my glasses.  It will be super to be able to wear real sunglasses and not clip-ons and lately, because of the cataracts, the old-lady fitovers. (My glasses prescription being so expensive, prescription sunglasses were cost-prohibitive.) Yes, I might have to wear reading glasses but having long distance vision is so worth it. (I had to make a choice — long or short distance vision, the monofocular would not work with my extreme myopia and other eye issues).

But it is the interim that will be Hell on Earth.


According to the doctor, I am not to strain my eyes between the surgeries, which means no excessive reading — or writing on the computer — or doing social media on the computer.    Considering I am so myopic, I am fairly sure the last week, i.e., the week with one eye done and one eye not, has been Hell on Earth for me.  It was worth repeating.

You see, I am a reader. I read a book a night.  I work on the computer all day before reading that book a night.  I am not sure my sanity will remain intact with me not reading or doing my e-mail or working on my current book, which my loyal fans want like yesterday.

Reading = me.  Period.

So, consider me climbing the walls and hoping that after this second eye is done, I am given the go ahead at the March 8th post-op exam to go back to my usual schedule of reading and writing — if not, my husband might have to find me a nice rubber room to bounce around in.

6 thoughts on “Out of Sight and Driving Me Crazy

  1. Best of luck, Moni. Lasik was the best thing I ever did for myself. It’s amazing how much we don’t see when our eyes are bad. I hope you recover quickly and have a great success!


    • Thanks, Em. I had more than LASIK — lol — they took out my old lens full of cataracts and inserted a nice thin and flexible lens into my eye. it sounds worse than it was. But I can see and it is nice. 🙂


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