When school and work collide

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I confessed to being a big ol’ nerd who just can’t get enough education and am now working on my master’s degree?

Yup, that’s me. The forever student. But I’m still a writer of romance and hot, kinky sexy. My degree is going to be in publishing. I’m learning all kinds of great things about publishing houses and book design. I love every second of it! I could probably get off reading about Adobe InDesign. Hey, we all have our fetishes.

Anyway, when it came time to start preparing for our midterm thesis, I read the assignment: write a 2,000 word paper on some aspect of publishing. No problem. I threw my statement together and turned it over to my professor.

I would write a paper on an aspect of publishing that has always fascinated me but I’ve never looked into too deeply: why some authors choose self publishing over traditional publishing and what are the pros/cons of self pubbing.

Well, my prof didn’t feel this was specific enough and said I needed to narrow it down. He said I could do so by simply choosing a genre to focus on. Okay. Sounds simple right, but I always cover romance because that’s my area of expertise and I didn’t really have any interest in covering another genre so  I was a bit stuck. Then a classmate suggested…or possibly dared…that I narrow it down to erotica.

I tossed this around a bit and decided it was a really great idea. I just had to sell my teacher on it. I sat down, rewrote my thesis statement and pitched the idea half expecting to be kicked out of class. Instead, my teacher thought it was a great idea. He loves it.

So there it is.

I’m now working with a few publishing heads and some great authors figuring out the pros and cons of this issue as it applies to the erotic genre. If I find out anything new or interesting, I’ll let you know, but I’m pretty sure the most exciting thing about this is the fact that I go to grad school and end up writing a thesis on sex books.

2 thoughts on “When school and work collide

    • Adding to my never ending desire to write a professor/student book. I figure I should get out of college first. No need to start that gossip wheel going!


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