Conference Connections

Hey naughty readers! It’s only three days until the start of our two-week long stay at Lucky’s Bar and Strip Club. How excited are you? These stories are hot and I, for one, can’t wait to read them all again!

Now, what am I going to talk about today…oh right! I’ve just attended my first writer’s conference as a published author!

Friend and fellow author, Mandy Harbin, and I took off last weekend and headed south to Louisiana. Let me tell you, there is nothing that says southern hospitality like a hotel full of friendly people and a room packed with Cajun food. *dreamy sigh* I love Cajun food…

Honestly, I have to give kudos to the hotel staff there at the Holiday Inn-Airport in Shreveport. I’ve been in five-star hotels that didn’t have the kind of friendliness we found there. Every single employee we came across – from walking down the hallway or standing in the elevator – everyone greeted us with a smile and a wish of a good day or night. It was refreshing!

Conferences are a great way to make connections. I had a great time getting to know fellow LL&L blogger, Lynn Lorenz and author Jianne Carlo. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Barbara Vey, blogger for Publishers Weekly and an all around sweet lady. Liliana Hart, USA Today Bestselling author, says she is stealing my name, which is fine with me as long as she makes me hot and a total badass…in leather pants. And those ladies of the local RWA chapter who offered the conference are fantastic!

In addition to the great people I met, I took away some valuable information. We heard from editors who work for publishers such as Harlequin, Harper-Collins (Avon), and Entangled about what they look for in potential stories and the do’s and don’ts for each house. I learned a great deal about self-publishing. An editor with Entangled had us in groups and creating stories from romance tropes – which was just a hoot! And I had a great time competing with Mandy for the Coach bag in the raffle – which, I’m sad to say neither of us won. 😦

All-in-all, there was too much information to even begin to share in this post. Bottom line, conferences are a great way to learn and stay connected in our industry. Other than coming home and spending the next three days in bed with a fever, it was well worth the trip. I’m looking forward to my next conference – RomCon – in Colorado Springs this summer. Hope to see you all there!

Have a great weekend everyone and mark your calendars! Beginning Sunday – Lucky’s Charms are in the house!

Until next time…

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