Rest and Relaxation

It’s nearly spring. Know what that means? It’s time for my family’s annual March vacation. Last year, we vacationed in Pigeon Forge/Gatlingburg, Tennessee. (Which provided inspiration for the setting of my upcoming April 1st release, Having Cake!) This year, we’ll be trekking to Florida for a much-needed break. I fully intend on having a drink with a pretty little umbrella in it as the hubby and I haul our three little ones (plus my nephew) to the beautiful white shores of the Gulf Coast.

This will be my first vacation in Destin since I was a little kid, so I’m quite excited. Typically we stick to Panama City, but the last thing we want to be surrounded by are drunk college kids! So we’re trying out a new vacation spot this year. Crossing fingers that everything goes smoothly. With three kids, it’s always a coin-flip.

So for this week’s post, the last before my trip… unless you count my Lucky’s Charm story, I wanted to gush about my love of taking vacations. I’ve always loved to travel, even though I barely branch out of the southeastern United States, for the most part. I adore hotels, mostly because I don’t have to clean them, and half the fun is getting there. Yes, I’m a road trip addict.

Sadly, the hubby and I disagree on the way we “get there”. I can spend the entire car ride gabbing or sitting in silence, while he prefers to crank up the radio to drown out the noise the kids make. This year, we’re taking two cars, so this is where my crossing-fingers comes in! I’ll be in the “family” car with three boys (ages 5,4,3) while the hubby gets to ride with my eleven-year-old nephew. Not quite fair, is it?

Beaches, mountains, casino resorts…I’ve done it all. I haven’t made it to Disney yet, but don’t worry. That vacation mecca is on my “to do” list, along with that trip to England I will SOMEDAY make.

So that’s pretty much it. I just wanted a chance to brag about my upcoming beach trip. What is everyone’s favorite vacation spot? Or where are you going for Spring Break?




2 thoughts on “Rest and Relaxation

  1. Love Destin. Great beaches. Nice golf courses. Fresh seafood. Travelling in a car with 3 children five and under — um, not so much. Can you drive with Valium in your system?

    As for Spring vacation, hubby just informed me we are driving to Florida — in May, after our adult son gets out of school. This will be the first family trip since before the boy went to college. So, since he will be 27 in April and the last family trip was when he was 17 or so — that’s ten years. We’re going to Orlando. My hubby’s sister will be flying in from Minneapolis (she needs to thaw out). They plan on hitting Universal for the Harry Potter experience and then Disney. I plan on sitting by the pool with an alcoholic beverage and will move my butt when they go to Epcot. I am not a theme park fan, but I do love Epcot. BTW the first two times we did Disney, I rode every Mountain ride they had, three times — so don’t think I haven’t paid my dues. 🙂
    Have fun,Robin.


  2. Have a wonderful time, Robin! I live in SW Florida, so ideally, I live my vacation everyday. 😉
    You are brave for taking your 3 little ones, at such a young age, on a road trip. Good Luck.
    I love hotels too, probably for the same reason. Lol.
    We are supposed to take a vacation to The Poconos sometime this year, but I am not sure that we will be able to make it. Enjoy those beaches!


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