Guest Blogger Nina Pierce!

Hi everyone! Happy St. Patty’s Day from everyone here at Love, Lust and Laptops.

I had the pleasure not too long ago of picking up a Nina Pierce book called Blind her with Bliss. Okay, can I say sexy?

I knew I had to contact Nina immediately and ask her to visit us here. She is just a delight and so talented and we are so pleased to have her over to tell us about this book and her expectations for St. Patrick’s Day!

Take it away, Nina!

Waitin’ on a Little o’that GREEN!


I want to thank the ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops for let me hang out with them today.

This my second winter in 23 years that I am not in northern Maine. And let me tell you, I don’t miss 10 feet of snow and wind chills that can drop to -50F with an ambient temperature of -30F. Yep, I’ve seen my fair share of those winters. And they’re very long. Up in that part of Maine there our four seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter and preparing for winter. The cold and snow comes around Halloween most years and lately has been staying through most of April. Yeah, winter just goes on and on and on and … you get the idea.

When the first flakes of snow fall in late October, they float gently to the ground coating the green grass in a lacey layer of white. It’s beautiful. But after shoveling, snowblowing and clearing cars for 4 months, that *&^%*# white stuff isn’t even sort of pretty. It’s a real pain in the … oh, sorry. I lost myself for a minute in those memories. Anyway, suffice it to say snow and white gets tiresome.

When the first soft winds of spring warm the gray branches of the trees and the gentle rains wash the dirty, muddy remains of snowbanks down the culvert, the ground begins to warm. Tiny sprigs of green shoot out of the damp earth and tiny buds of leaves unfurl after their long slumber. After months of monochromatic white, the color is most welcome. As trees fill out in the green shades of spring and grass begins to grow on the yellowed lawns, my heart smiles and my steps become just a bit lighter.

And though I realize the green we wear on St. Patty’s day has nothing to do with seasons and everything to do with religious traditions, I can’t help but smile knowing nature will soon follow suit in all its emerald, olive, sage, chartreuse, and jade hues of spring celebration. And that … just makes me happy all over!

I know readers of this blog have been enjoying a little of the “Lucky” with some hot excerpts and I thought I’d continue to ratchet up the heat (and perhaps melt some of that snow) and share with you a little something from the first book from my sexy romantic suspense series, Blind Her With Bliss, which is still available in e-book format FREE at all venues.


She’s trying to find herself. He’s attempting to hide. Together they’ll discover a truth that threatens them both…

Investigating the death of her best friend, uptight accountant, JULIE TILLING, discovers an erotic world of adult nightclubs and Internet intrigue. When shock jock DAMON COREY rocks her world in a wild night of lust, she wonders if she’s found love…or the key to solving a murder.



“Does it ever get tiresome watching it?” Julie asked, daring to dip her toe in the waters of seduction.


Good, her question threw him off-kilter. “You know. The people and what they’re doing? You see the two men and that woman over there?” Julie leaned to the side so Demon could see around her as she pointed to a shadowed corner of the bar below. “I thought they were dancing, but there’s definitely something more going on.” A nervous giggle escaped her lips. “The man in front is definitely buried deep in the woman, and the man in back … well, I’m not sure what he’s doing. But with their mouths open that way, I’m thinking they’re all really enjoying themselves.” She leaned back, her bottom grazing his thigh.

“Oh, they’re definitely getting it on.” Demon braced his hands on either side of her, pressing the solid plane of his chest against her back. They were both testing the waters. “And yes, I get tired of watching.” He leaned close to her ear, his breath the only thing separating his lips from her skin. “They put in extra spotlights that shine on the platform for me so I don’t have to stare at them all night. I mean, even a saint would get a hard-on seeing people go at it for three hours.” He rubbed against her. There was no mistaking his arousal.

Julie was enjoying their brazen flirtation. “I suppose you’re right.” She turned around to face him, purposefully rubbing her breasts across his chest. He didn’t move. “Did you originally bring me up here to relieve a little of that tension, Demon?”

“I don’t think you want to know what I was thinking before we got in the elevator.”

She tilted her head and cocked a brow, inviting him to share. “Oh, but I think I would.”

“This is probably a very bad idea.” He took a step back, but she moved with him.

She’d come this far and she had no intention of stopping now. “Maybe I was a little tipsy in the elevator, but I’m stone-cold sober now,” Julie said, laying her palm in the center of his chest. Her gaze swept the strong lines of his face, gauging his reaction. Even in the muted light of the office she could see the hunger sparking in his eyes. “We’re way past the stage of chivalry, Demon. I don’t need your protection.” She slid her thigh up his leg, surprised by her own audacity.

“You think that’s what I’m doing?”

She dragged a nail through the dark whiskers along his jaw, thrilling in the quick inhalation of his breath. “Oh, you play the animal, but the heart of a gentle man hides in here.” She kissed the center of his chest, her body warming with the power of her seduction.

“Then it may shock you to learn I intended on having my way with you when we got up here. That phone call pulling Elvis away was his attempt to give me privacy.”

“No more than it would shock you to learn that’s what I’d hoped.” She scraped her teeth along the tight cords of his neck. “Elvis said he’d be gone awhile.”“Not nearly long enough.” Demon wrapped his arms around her, his lips coming down hard on hers. He tasted of lemon and smelled like heaven. His tongue ran along the seam of her mouth, and she opened for him. She swallowed his deep growl of pleasure, the thrill of it shooting straight down her core.

His fingers gripped her neck, pulling her deep into the kiss, while hers frantically worked the buttons on his shirt.

“Do you think they can see us from down there?”

“Not on the couch.” Demon scooped her into his arms and carried her across the room. She kicked off her ankle-high boots on the way. His mouth never lost contact with hers. The pounding rhythm of the music was replaced by the roar of her heart hammering in her ears. He laid her on the couch, coming down on top of her. Julie shoved the shirt off his shoulders, her nails biting crescent moons into his back.

“Demon,” she breathed into his ear, nipping at the lobe.

“Damon. My real name’s Damon. Say it.” And she did. On hiccupping gasps, his name fell from her lips. He leaned away from her, pulling the front zipper down her corset, exposing her swollen breasts. She flushed under his hungry gaze, feeling sexy and wanton. When he leaned down and suckled one steepled nipple and then the other, she came off the couch. Jolts of molten heat shot through her veins with every lick and nibble. She pressed into his face, urging him to take more.

“Beautiful. You’re so beautiful.” He kissed a path between her breasts. “Your skin’s like satin.”

Julie’s nails raked down his back and she cupped his ass, pulling him tightly between her open thighs. Oh, how she wanted this man. A stranger she’d only just met was making her hotter and wetter than she’d been in a very long time.





AND AUDIO! (Not available for free download)


Award-winning romance author, Nina Pierce, grew up in a house full of readers. Nina’s discovered the passionate side of romance with her sexy stories. For her, it’s all about the sweet scent of seduction mixed with the heartwarming aroma of romance.

Nina resides in Vermont with her high school sweetheart and soul

13 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Nina Pierce!

  1. Running off to Amazon to find the book so I can finish that love scene – scorching! And Rosanna (&Apollo) know just how much I likes a good love scene. 😉

    Thanks for adding another to the TBR pile!


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  3. Hi, Nina! Great to see you here today, and um, isn’t Vermont as cold as Maine? Just asking. And I hope you are coming to Lori Foster’s this year– haven’t seen you since the last time you were there.


  4. Monette – Oddly enough Vermont had less snow than Maine this winter which suited me just fine. And no, it doesn’t get nearly as cold. I love Lori Foster’s get-together. I won’t make it this year, but some year soon I hope to get there again. It’s so much fun!


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