Why I love Love Lust and Laptops

Breaking news. The winner of the Jaci Burton giveaway is Laura Podrasky.  Check your email, babe.

Now back to your regular scheduled posting 🙂

One of the ladies the other day said that being part of this blog rocked and I have to agree. I have done group blogs before where you just turned up and posted on your day but this group is different. We’re tight. We like chatting outside of the blog, and do we ever chat. Their is lots of respect, support, love, encouragement and fun behind the scenes.

I do hope that spills over into what you read. It certainly gave rise to the ten days at Lucky’s Bar and Strip club and I do hope that we can do something similar in the future.

So, now that we have been going a while what more do we have to offer?  Lots of fun guests, and I have to admit being able to interview the authors that I love to read is no hardship. The ten free reads are, as we speak, being formatted for publication at a number of places as a freebie so that more people can enjoy them. And last but not least we now have a newsletter. Fingers crossed it will be out in April.

Want to sign up look up and to the right…see the spot?  What will you get in the newsletter? Well articles, news, snippets, excerpts not available elsewhere. Our first newsletter will be turned over to celebrating the work of our very own Becca Jameson. What is she sharing? I have no idea because she is playing hard to get. But I do know it will be something worth reading.

So, as readers how are you enjoying the blog so far? Any suggestions about what you would like to see more of? Any guest suggestions? I have no shame so toss me some names and I will gladly humiliate myself and ask them to join me on the purple crushed velvet couch…I can’t promise they will say yes though.

And finally, a huge thank you to all our readers. This is a bigger, faster, and far more exciting ride than I ever expected when I emailed Rosanna and asked what she thought about me asking some other Liquid Silver Authors to join us in a group blog.

Hang on tight and stay with us, it is turning out to be one hell of a trip.

9 thoughts on “Why I love Love Lust and Laptops

  1. Lillian — what a nice blog. I love you girls, too. I’d heart you but I forgot how Vanessa told me to do the symbols. 🙂 But I do heart you all. And for all you readers — these girls rock. They were every nice to include me in their very young group (I’m old enough to be some of their mothers — really!)

    And congrats to Laura P. for winning the Jaci give-away — how cool is that?!


  2. I love getting to know more about you ladies and adore getting to know about more authors out there with dirty, dirty minds.

    Loved getting to know the guys and gals at Lucky’s, I think there are many future book ideas there which makes me super happy.

    Haven’t double checked to see who else has already been on the purple couch, but I do love Sylvia Day and would love to see an interview with her.

    Keep up the good work ladies.


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  4. I’m so proud to be a part of this group! Looking forward to every minute to come! (Why does all my stuff sound dirty?) 😉


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