What is it with these shifters anyway?

I come to you, confused and fascinated.

I’ve always read and written paranormal, but have not always gravitated toward shifter books. I know that may sound odd coming from someone who has written about selkies and shape-shifting gods and bear shifters (my newest venture, coming in May). Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I don’t appreciate them, I just haven’t always picked up shifter books first. In a way, I’m exploring them for the first time, and have really enjoyed reading some of my fellow Love, Lust and Laptops authors.

When I was younger, I was in love with vampires. I mean, come on, they reek of sex appeal. I would rather have Lestat than the Wolfman anyday!

That being said, there is a definite appeal to shape shifters.  What is that appeal?

I think one of the biggest factors is the animal side to these men. For the heroine, knowing there is a beastly, hungry part of her man is quite intoxicating. Knowing he can throw you up against a wall with abandon, and not have to worry about his bad back. He can become so enflamed, he will bite and scratch as he makes love to you. Yum.

Is it the pack mentality that many shifters have? The need to be among their own kind, and to bring you into the fold? That’s kind of nice too.

Or is it the whole mating issue? The fact that a shifter man can know from one kiss, or even from a scent, that he has found his mate? Also very appealing.

I think my favorite aspect of shifter books is the possessive feeling those men have toward the heroines. The feeling that if they’re not in the same room with her, or touching her, that something is off. Hell, something is just wrong. They need to be with their women. Okay, in reality, you might need to take a little break from your partner, but in romance lit, this is fun to consider.

I would love to hear your comments. Tell me what you love most about shifters! Tell me what you don’t like. Is there a fictional shifter you’d welcome between your sheets? As I embark on my newest series, The Gemini Island Shifters, I want to know! 😉

23 thoughts on “What is it with these shifters anyway?

  1. Great post! I say all of the above and that little bit of extra superhuman strength. A woman would always feel safe and protected. It’s biological.:-)


    • I must agree, Karin. It’s gotta be the whole protection racket. It’s a sweet deal! Thanks for visiting and sharing today.


  2. Rosanna,
    maybe you need to do a book about Nutella eating giraffe shifters :O) No really I think you listed a lot of the reasons shifters appeal to us. the alpha personality, the sex, the protective/positiveness and of course they mate for life so no need to worry about your mate stepping out. Looking forward to the new stuff. Carin


    • Carin…Nutella-eating giraffe shifters. Yes. You have hit the nail on the head! I am starting this book today! LOL And he’ll wear little embroidered outfits too…good point, BTW, about the whole “unable to cheat” thing. That’s a good one too! Thanks!


  3. Good post Rosanna 🙂 Personally I’m not a huge fan of shifters, generally speaking. Like you, I’m a vamp fan. I’m warming up to shifters more over time, and I guess I’d have to say it’s a little of a lot of things. The strength, the possessiveness (though that could get to be a royal PITA I imagine), but also the mating thing, the fact that he’ll know right away that you’re the one and that he’ll never ever stray. Women will give a lot for that kind of fidelity I think.


    • Thanks Michelle! 🙂 It took me, a vamp fan, a loooong time to embrace shifters. Which is strange because in a way, shifters and vamps possess many of the same qualities. Glad to know I wasn’t alone! And the possessiveness point is so funny. Like I said, in real life, we’d probably never put up with these dudes, but it’s fun to fantasize about! Thanks for coming today. 🙂


  4. My most favorite aspect of shifters is how they instantly know their mate when they find them. I’ve talked to Vanessa about this – how there are no games, no wondering if you’re investing your time wisely, no worry that you’re settling.

    Add to that some animal characteristics that would be fun (sandpaper tongue from a feline shifter could have a really NICE effect on a girl) and you have a recipe for a good time.


    • You and Vanessa are right, Nickie. I like to give my shifters a teensy bit of nervous “What the heck?” They know right away, but something in them fights it. The fight never lasts long. 😉 Sandpaper tongue…you might have something there…Thanks for visiting.


  5. Mmm, I never met a shifter I didn’t like…but I’d take Vane Kattalakis (Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon) between my sheets any day. Or night. Or both. 🙂 The bond/connection is my favorite aspect. The primal need to possess and be possessed. And even when apart…there is no doubt you are his…and he yours. *sigh* I’ll never get any work done today for thinking about sexy shifters! Great post, Rosanna!


  6. Mmmmmmm shifters & nutella! Not sure about a giraffe but Parker is right – Vane can rock anything in my world anytime he wants! Lol

    I love kitty & wolf shifters but hey any overprotective loving possessive growly/purring teeth & claws man will do! 🙂


    • Thanks Heather. Yeah…Carin is very naughty and keeps making giraffe jokes for my benefit. It’s why I love her. She’s kooky too. The Nutella we can work with! And overprotective shifters…? Mmmm.


  7. Um, I love shifters. Wolves and bears.

    My fav shifter is Lachlin “Lock” MacRyrie from Shelly Laurenston’s The Mane Squeeze (he appears in subsequent books also) – he is a bear shifter and I just want to hug him, if I could get my arms around him. He is sort of a placid bear as bears go until you try to take his salmon, or his honey, or his mate Gwen (who is from Philly half-lioness, half-tiger shifter with attitude) — then watch the hell out — he is a bear, an apex predator. ‘Nuff said.


    • Ooh, he sounds so fun, Moni. I’m finding I really like the whole bear shifter thing. They have a lot of personality. I’ve tried to make mine a little ornery. And there might be some honey action too…just sayin.’


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