Series or stand alone

So yesterday I got my copy of Wolf with Benefits by Shelly Laurenston.

I devoured it in a day, less than actually. I love her writing, have done for a while know and every time a new book of hers is out I have a total meltdown until I get me sticky little mits on it.

Then I got to thinking, do I love these stories because I love the way Shelly Laurenston writes, of course. But would I love them just as much if they weren’t part of a series? Hmm I don’t know. With each book new characters are introduced but also characters I’ve loved in previous books return, my personal favorite in this series is Dee-Ann Smith.

So how about you? Do you love series or are you more of a stand alone person??

Neither answer is wrong, I’m just interested, well nosy to be honest.

I have my own series, Shifters of Hillside, and I’m currently working on another series…..I know glutton for punishment right.

But I do love a series, not only to write but to  read as well and I don’t think that will change.  Is there a series that you love? Something that you would recommend?

OK I am heading back into my writing, did I mention I had the week off work?? I know *squeal* you have no idea how excited I am.

Until next time remember: Making the shape of an “L” with your finger and thumb and putting that to your forehead in the universally recognized symbol for “loser” whilst looking at your Dom/me…..just plain silly….don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

9 thoughts on “Series or stand alone

  1. I like both – though I think I also prefer series. I like stand-alones to tide me over between books, but revisiting familiar characters when reading a new book in a series is always much more fun.
    My all-time favourite series so far? Hmm, let’s see….
    Black Dagger Brotherhood (surprise, surprise lol)
    Dragon Kin
    Immortals After Dark
    Lords Of The Underworld
    Midnight Breed
    Scanguard Vampires
    You see… really nothing unusual 😉 I bet there will soon be more as I have lots and lots and LOTS of stuff on my TBR list, too.


  2. I love both really for reading and writing. Like right now I am waiting for the ebook version of the latest JR Ward book tomorrow! I love the black dagger brotherhood series soooo much! But I also love reading stand alones too. Maybe it’s cos I am greedy like a bit of both worlds?


  3. I LOVE series! Most have related stories about family and/or friends which imbues a warmth to any series for me. With stand alones, I’m usually left wondering about what happens with the secondary characters.

    Shelly Laurenston… My favourite book was Here Kitty, Kitty with Angelina and Nic. I want to see Nic’s brothers get their own stories. Of course Conal and Miki’s story was awesome too. 🙂


  4. I don’t mind series as long as each book is a complete story in itself. I don’t like series where I’m left hanging until the next book for a conclusion to conflicts. I only put up with it with very few authors. 🙂


  5. I love a series when they are individually interesting and complete. I do also enjoy a series that is one long story, but sooooooo hate waiting for the next installment to come out. When the stories can stand alone and I don’t HAVE to read them in order, I like that better.

    Oh, and if the stories within a series become too formulaic and predictable, that pretty much guarantees I won’t want to keep reading them. Ok, to be honest,if the sex is steamy enough, I can overlook formulaic prose to an extent, who am I kidding?

    Maybe a blog post idea, what if you ladies recommend your favorite series and highlight the best episode from that series?????


  6. Series are great. I love the new H/H, but it feels good to check in on the other characrters I already know. It feels like checking in with them. Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling books are one of my favorites, but I have so many series going now, it’s hard to track them all.


  7. I like series, where each book can stand alone. I’m also a HUGE Laurenston fan, but I wouldn’t recommend someone starting her series with “Wolf with Benefits.” There were just too many characters from the Pack and Pride series to keep straight. However, as a diehard fan, I LOVED seeing Miki, Angelina, Sarah, the Kuznetzov Pack, the NY Smiths, Irene, Dee-Ann, Cella, and Bo and Blayne!!

    Another author who does this well is Christine Warren, with her “The Others” series. I was drawn to the series because it featured a group of adult women friends, who were professionals and all found love at their own pace.

    I DON’T like cliffhanger series, at all. It feels like I’m being “tricked” into buying more books. I prefer new H/h with their own complete story. Revisiting characters from other books is terrific, to move their stories along, but the “trilogies du jour,” have really irritated me, such that I just don’t want to invest time and money into a story with a “stay tuned for Book 2 and Book 3” ending.


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