Guest Blogger – Elizabeth Finn

Today on the purple crushed velvet couch I have fellow Liquid Silver Books’ author, Elizabeth Finn.

Welcome Elizabeth, and thank you for agreeing to being interrogated.

Lillian: For those who have never had the pleasure of reading one of your books maybe you can tell us a bit about the genres you write?

immortaldistractionElizabeth: Contemporary erotic romance for the most part, though I’m in the middle of releasing a contemporary paranormal erotic romance series at the moment (The Immortals). I love to read pretty much any genre of romance, so don’t be surprised if you see me venture into some other subgenres at some point!

Lillian: How long have you been writing, and how many books a year do you usually produce?

Elizabeth: I’m a perpetual student, so even before I tried my hand at writing fiction I was always in the middle of some research paper or essay of some sort. I started to write fiction about five years ago, though I didn’t try to publish anything at that time. I ended up putting writing aside for many years once I became a mother, and it wasn’t until last spring that I decided my son was old enough that I could devote some of my free time to writing again – I no longer have to worry that I’ll find him swinging from a light fixture or scaling the kitchen cabinets if I focus on something other than him for fifteen minutes… 😉 Since last spring, I’ve written six and a half books! Not too shabby…

Lillian: How did you become a writer and at what point did you sit back and say to yourself, yep, I’m a real live author?

Elizabeth: The how … hmm… Well, when I started writing it really Brothers-Keeper-Finalwasn’t for anyone but myself. I didn’t have plans to even try to publish anything. In fact, so true was that that once I finished writing Brother’s Keeper (the first book I ever wrote) I put it away and started writing The Devil’s Pawn. It really wasn’t until I finished The Devil’s Pawn that I started researching it a bit and then decided there was no harm in trying. I submitted The Devil’s Pawn for consideration, and once it was contracted, I did some final tweaks on Brother’s Keeper and submitted it as well.

When did I decide I was an author? I’m probably still trying to work that one out in my mind. I often say, “I write.” But I’ll admit, I rarely say, “I’m an author.” It still feels awkward and almost … presumptuous to say I’m an author for some reason. In the same way, I hate saying, “I have fans.” Instead, I say, “I have readers.” Bizarre… What can I say? I’m a weirdo.

Lillian: What inspires you to write? Where do you get plot and character ideas from?

Elizabeth: I used to think everyone told stories to themselves in their heads like I did. I’ve always spent hours nearly every day working through a plot of some sort in my mind. I could literally spend an hour or two at night before I’d fall asleep just adding to a story or recreating a part of it. I would usually stick with and perfect one particular story over the course of a month or more before moving on to a new one, and when I was between stories, I found I was really quite miserable being forced to so completely live in the real world. Mind you, it never occurred to me to actually write down the story… Duh… Why didn’t that occur to me?! I really just thought everyone created stories like me. I mean, how else does a person get through the day?

Where do the ideas come from? I honestly have no idea for the most part. It could be based loosely on the setting of some movie I’d seen where I wanted to build a completely new journey around something I’d seen. It could be something as abstract as the dynamic between two people. Sometimes I couldn’t tell you where it comes from.

Lillian: Your book Restoring Jordan is written in alternating first person point of view. This is very unusual. Was writing that way a deliberate decision?

restoringjordanElizabeth: Not in the least. I’m not a trained writer in any way, and what I have learned about writing has come completely from trial, error, guidance, and information I’ve received through the course of having a number of books published. I simply wrote in the voice that came most natural to me. I will admit, I love first person – I truly do, and I won’t be abandoning it. I’m seeing first person used a lot in romance right now (now that I’m actually paying attention to such things). I’ve gotten some amazing feedback from readers who love that I wrote my first three releases in first person, and that feedback was largely about the connection they were able to make to the characters and emotion in the book as a result of using an alternating first person point of view. But just because I think first person is good at capturing emotion in an incredibly honest and authentic way, I haven’t limited myself to only that. I now have books published in: first person present tense alternating point of view, first person present tense single point of view, and third person past tense alternating point of view. I enjoy writing all, and after having just finished writing The Immortals series in third person past tense, I’m kind of looking forward to getting back to first person in the future.

Lillian: There is a lot of detail about the world of renovations in the book. Being a registered building contractor myself I wondered if you have a background in architecture or interior decoration. If not how much research was needed to write the book?

Elizabeth: I have a passion for decorating, and I’ve been surrounded by other elements of design my entire life. My man-half is a contractor who does everything from framing out new construction to trim work and finish carpentry. My father is an amazing woodworker with an incredible woodworking studio. We’ve designed a number of furniture pieces together that he’s then built for me—my bed, my son’s crib, we’ll someday design a full-size bed for my son as well when he’s old enough to help in the process. It’s great fun, and I enjoy it immensely. I grew up being dragged away to the workshop to check out some new project my father was working on, so in some form or another, it’s always touched my life.

Lillian: When you’re not writing what do you like to do with your spare time?

Elizabeth: SLEEP!!! I actually have a day job as a Benefits Specialist for my company’s HR department, I’m a half-time student less than a year away from graduating with my Bachelors in Business Management, and I have a five year old son. Spare time is a rarity for me, and I’m usually too tired, too busy, and just plain too stressed!! But I enjoy my life immensely, and regardless of all the balls I juggle, I always find time to write.

Lillian: If you weren’t a writer what do you think you would be doing with your life?

Elizabeth: Hmm… HR Benefits Specialist!

Lillian: What can we expect in the future from Elizabeth Finn?

Elizabeth: Well, my series, The Immortals, is releasing this spring. immortalprotectorImmortal Protector released on February 25, 2013, and it will be followed by Immortal Distraction on April 15, 2013, and finally, Immortal Healer will release on May 27, 2013. I’m also in the middle of writing a contemporary romance book that I hope to finish and submit sometime in the next couple of months. It’s slow going at the moment as I have two books in edits and am taking a literature course this semester that keeps me tied to my Kindle a lot!

Lillian: Now some questions just for fun?

Movie or a book?

Both in equal measure. I really do love movies, and while they rarely live up to the books they are based on, they’re still loads of fun!!

Sex or chocolate?

Not that I wouldn’t choose sex anyway, but I don’t actually like chocolate… Now if you said Skittles or sex, that’s a tougher call… But I’d still choose sex..! Unless it was a red Skittle perhaps… 😉

Hot or cold?

Cold – you can always add layers. When it’s hot, sometimes you run out of layers to take off and just end up naked in inappropriate situations…

Thanks for being my guest.

Blurb for Immortal Protector:

Theirs was a forever love. At least it was supposed to be…

Truman and Ember met in a cold, dark basement on the day that was to be her last. Kidnapped by a predator at ten years old, Ember wasn’t long for this world. But even Truman, a three-hundred-year-old vampire, was incapable of escaping his humanity with her.

He follows her through her life to ensure her safety, unable to stop fighting for the scared little girl he met so many years in the past.

Truman, like all others of his kind, has the ability to erase memories of himself, and he uses this ability to come in and out of Ember’s life while protecting her from the knowledge of his kind.

When Truman finally caves in to his desire for Ember, he is forced to take the most precious memory she holds. But he never imagined he’d lose his ability to return those memories to her. After Ember is attacked, Truman becomes responsible for a woman without a shred of remembrance of him or their long history together.

She doesn’t trust him, and he resents her cruelty toward him, but as much as she breaks his heart, he can’t give up on them. As Truman fights to win back her trust and remind her of just how good they are at falling in love, a threat looms closer and closer.

Can he save her once more from the clutches of a monster intent on destroying her? Or will her life be lost before her memories are ever found?


2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Elizabeth Finn

  1. Hey, Elizabeth — thanks for visiting. HR Benefits Specialist, huh? Know that area — writing and making up stories in your head is much more fun. 😉 I read The Devil’s Pawn (before it was titled that) — it blew me away even though I was not a fan of first person present tense — now that is talent. Hugs.


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