What am I doing?

What am I doing? It’s been a crazy few weeks for me. After years of editing, I am easing into the transition of doing way more writing and way less editing. Well, maybe not easing so much. I haven’t edited anything for two weeks and I’ve been writing like crazy. And I love it! Scary times when we make changes to our lives. But sometimes those changes need to occur. The natural progression, blah blah blah. I love editing! But, I find I love writing even more and there is no end to the number of stories begging to be released from my head. I can’t work enough hours or type fast enough to keep up with my brain.

When will this frenzy calm down? Soon, I hope. My family thinks I should cook them meals, do laundry, clean the kitchen, and maybe even a bathroom every once in a while. I say, nah, go away, I’m writing! It’s harder to juggle writing than editing. I can’t stop myself to take a break. The important thing is I wake up with a smile every day and I love my job! I’m the luckiest person on earth right now.

What am I working on? Currently, I have taken a break from furry animals. The wolves were taking over the world lately. (And a few vampires.) I’m writing a lengthy BDSM. Actually, it’s more of a BD and DS. Not so much SM. But it’s intense and gut wrenching and sucking the life out of me every day. I hope people love the story as much as I do. The project will take me a few months to complete. In the meantime, I will squeeze in a few other smaller books to keep me sane when I need a break from all the bondage, lol.

If you are a fan of my wolves, never fear, a short wolfie book is niggling around in my head. It will come out soon and find a publisher. πŸ™‚

Change can be frightening and sometimes disconcerting, but so far I’m doing great and loving every minute. Here’s to hoping the good times keep rolling!

My next release is next Tuesday, April 8th. It’s the final of four books in my Wolf Masters series, Alyssa’s Wolves. I love Alyssa and her character makes me chuckle as she struggles to mate with the two men who never wanted to share a woman.alyssaswolves (2)


6 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. I am very excited to read Alyssa’s Wolves, will be grabbing that one on release day for sure! And I can’t wait to see what you BD/Ds book is all about too. Why oh why do those kids want to eat everyday? And three times?!?!?


  2. Lucky me, I get to hear all about Becca’s work while we do our thrice-weekly slogs–er jogs. And yes, she IS incredibly busy and still manages to make being awesome look effortless.

    Wheee! Congrats on all the new releases this month Becca!


  3. Wolfie books! I love your wolfie books. But I sure want to see what you’ll do with bondage — I’m so there. Keep writing. And the kids can nuke their own dinners, right? Or hubby can go to the drive-through. Been there and everyone is still alive to tell about it.


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