Bringing the Heat

In my latest works, both as Christy Gissendaner and Robin Danner, I struggled long and hard with upping the heat level. Despite my use of the fun “dirty” words, I always seem to be characterized as “sweet” or “sensual”.  Apparently my plot tends to overshadow the romance, so I set out to bring the heat this time around.

As a reader, I find myself torn. Repetitive sex scenes I tend to flip through. Yet I get mad if the sex never seems to happen. Like most gals, I always thought Jane Austen needed a bit of scrumping in her books. So how do I, as an author, find the fine line between romance and just plain porn?

For Robin, I was continuing my Princes series. It was the fourth book in the series, so to up the heat level at this point in the game seemed risky. But as my heroine was a widow, it’s completely understandable that her bedroom activities would be a bit hotter than the typical virginal gal I normally write about.

As Christy, I totally went out in left field to create my latest work. Having Cake is a story of what happens when one heroine’s birthday celebration ends in some really hot happenings between her and her crush and ex-boyfriend. It’s my first ever menage-type story and completely different from what I usually write. I’ve had the heroine choose between two men, but never had all three in the same bed…ahem or hot tub, as the case may be.

Here’s where I need help from ya’ll. As readers, do you want really strong plot-driven romance? Or do you want lighter stories with just tons of fantastic sex?


6 thoughts on “Bringing the Heat

  1. I’ll vote for plot driven romance hands down every time. But that’s just me. I like steamy sex scenes, but I get really, really bored if they don’t move the plot forward in some elemental way.


  2. Can’t a gal have it all? Hot steamy sex that are part of a good strong romantic story? If I had to pick, I’d say story trumps sex, but only by a little bit.


  3. Plot-driven since that is what I read and what I write. I sort of skip over sex scenes when I read and whine when I have to write one.

    I do like the build up to sex though — and quite frankly all the romances I read in the 60s and 70s and 80s where the bedroom door shut or the sex happened off-screen, so to speak, allowed me to imagine what went on and I had a good imagination and painted really vivid sex scenes in my head. Some of the sexiest books I have ever read had very few sex scenes — sometimes it is all about the sensual dance between the h/h.


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